How to Hydrate

Drink more water. We all know we should, but most of us don’t. The algorithm depends on many variables for just how much water each of us needs such as exercise intensity, the climate of where we live in, diet etc. Very roughly speaking the average suggestion is 8 glasses of water a day = 2 liters. Here are a few tips to creating better habits for drinking more water. How to hydrate: 1. Jazz it up. Water can feel bland, especially with the trend [...]

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Eating Habits For The Planet

In honor of Mother Earth, we must ask ourselves: how can we clean up our eating habits for the planet? How can we support a harmonious ecosystem, a natural food system that provides so much for us and asks for nothing in return? The direction [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Go on an All Girls Surf and Yoga Trip in Ecuador

How did we all caught this “being busy” syndrome? When did it become normal to always be in a rush? How can we possibly spend our whole lives planning the future without never really being in the present? Our body and mind need a break [...]

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Surf Competitions: How do they Actually Freaking Work?

Everyone can agree that everything related to surf is pretty cool. So are surf competitions. They're fun to watch, they connect us to our surfing inspirations and it's pretty nice to see people killing [...]

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Lady Porn; Best Erotic Content for Women

Lady Porn; Best Erotic Content for Women   “You do not know what you are missing by your microscopic examination of sexual activity to the exclusion of aspects which are fuel that ignites it. [...]

PRANAYAMA – How learning to control your breath will make you a super-human

Have you ever met someone who was just so full of life, it felt like they were radiating? Someone that had a perceivable magnetism, and therefore seemed to be attracting all the good into [...]

My Journey with Anxiety and Depression in Pregnancy

My Journey with Anxiety and Depression in Pregnancy   Before entering my 30’s, I thought I had it all figured out.   The word spirituality resonated with me as some kind of rainbow powder thrown at unicorns… Something very mystical that had nothing to do [...]

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How to Support Your Immune System

Knowing how to support your immune system is so important. The immune system in a sense is like a team of bouncers at a club (our bodies being the venue/hosts). Better yet, they can be compared to a highly trained S.W.A.T. team when the system [...]

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Grab and Go Snack Ideas

When we are h-angry we are likely to reach for whatever is quick and easy, which doesn’t always equate to the healthiest snacks. Keeping grab-and-go options around and in-mind will curb this misstep and both our bodies and those around us will be grateful. In [...]

  • How to Grocery Shop Efficiently

How to Grocery Shop Efficiently

Grocery shopping can be daunting. Learning how to grocery shop efficiently can save you time and money in the year ahead. Here are few strategies to shave time off of running around the aisles and standing in line: 1. Make a plan. What are you [...]

  • Meet Ligia: Yogi by Day, DJ by Night

Meet Ligia: Yogi by Day, DJ by Night

Born in El Salvador, Ligia Jimenez continues to impress us with her never-ending list of skills and interests. A passionate yoga instructor, sound healer, graphic designer, artist and DJ, Ligia joined our team in 2019 and has been a bright addition to the Salty team [...]

  • Meet Gracie: Nutrition Wizard

Meet Gracie Martinez: Nutrition wizard

From Ecuador, Grace Martinez is our head chef on the retreats in Playa Ayampe and food is definitely her love language. Her cooking is, just like her personality; colorful and caring. "I love experimenting with flavors and using my creativity to make easy, healthy, tasty [...]

50 Powerful New Year Journaling Prompts to Reflect on 2022 and Set Goals for 2023!

December, when everything feels festive and special and you get a break from your usual day-to-day routine, is the perfect time to reflect with some new year journaling prompts and look back on everything you have experienced, discovered and achieved during the last 12 months. [...]