BLISS is Orgasmic – & Doesn’t Have to Do With Sex

Do you remember the last time you felt an absolute moment of bliss ? You know, I’m sure you do, of those moments where the world stopped spinning for an instant. In that moment all the dots seem to connect. Every focal points that creates [...]

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Today, I stopped giving a fuck about living for a bit.

Today, I sat still in the ocean, holding on to my surfboard like it was the only thing keeping me alive, and I cried out loud in the middle of the big blue. Drifting away, giving up, giving in, surrendering to the all-mighty ocean. I [...]

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Salty in Ecuador : the Recap !

The Salty Souls just completed their first season Ayampe, Ecuador. Here, participant Ashley Dujlovic recaps the nine day experience. Sometimes it takes a week away with other strong, like-minded, and hilarious women to remind you that you are capable of anything. There are not enough [...]

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8 Most Magical Yoga Centers Around the World

1 -The Yoga Barn - Ubud, Bali, Indonesia Facebook | Instagram I don't even have words to describe our magical this place is... For me, the Barn is the source. It's where it all started, where I've done my Yoga Teach Training, and where I keep going [...]

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Would You go to a Sober Dance Party? – Moonlight Dance –

The supermoon is out and i’m covered in sweat. We’ve been dancing for the past hour, all twenty of us women. And I mean, we’re really going for it. The ground is vibrating with the stomps of feet. We’re passionate, and it’s tangible. Limbs are [...]

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Envision Festival: The 70’s are still alive…

10 months ago. I’m landing once more onto my favorite Island; Bali. I know I’ll be here for a quite a while this time and this is only day 1. I’m ecstatic. I remember that night so clearly. This homecoming feeling. The joy of getting [...]

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‘I Think I’m Bad at Meditating’

If you took one look at the featured image for this post and despaired that your meditation practice doesn't look or feel like this, don't worry. Mine doesn't either. I just figured it was more aesthetically pleasing than a picture of me with greasy hair [...]

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Yoga Teacher Training in Bali ~ Experience Wrap-Up

https://soundcloud.com/easy-kirtan/jai-mata-kali-jai-mata-durge ⇪ MAXIMIZE THE EXPERIENCE, READ WHILE LISTENING TO THIS TUNE ⇪ 1 month after the end my intensive 33-day Yoga Teacher Training, it is still hard to wrap my mind around what happened during this special experience. It is hard to write about it even [...]

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Ubud – A Sweet Surrender

Yesterday, for the first time ever since I do yoga, I felt like crying at the end of my practice. I was not sad. I was actually feeling wonderfully relieved! Truly, what I felt is harder to describe… I have to admit I was confused [...]

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