SALTY IN THE MENTAWAI // Part 3 – Surfing on Razor Blades

If you haven't read them yet, first read Part 1 and Part 2. Beyond the stormy boat ride and the wild pig BBQ, the real point to coming all the way here was obviously to surf impeccable waves. But we would be lying if we didn't admit that this idea [...]

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Why Traveling Makes You a Better Person

Traveling has never been this accessible Many millennials are using school exchanges, working visas or just backpacking around as a common rite of passage. We all want to see the world, to live the dream, to pursue our passion and hopefully make money while doing it. On top of that, [...]

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Raspberry Chia Pudding

↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française With the term Superfood  came the name of its most well-known ambassador, the king of all, the notorious chia seed. Its popularity just exploded in the past few years and it became THE healthy thing YOU HAD to incorporate in your everyday [...]

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SALTY IN THE MENTAWAI // Part 2 ~ Life à la Robinson Crusoe

If you missed it, read: Part 1- The Getting There  THE HABITATION We had settled into a modest land camp at the southern tip of the island. Six ocean front rooms with flower pattern mosquitos nets, a disproportionally spacious bathroom with a tiny sink, a shower with the water debit of [...]

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Stop running away from “bad feelings”

Running away from all the "bad feels" Ya know when sometimes you're not having a great day and you tell a loved one and they try come up with a solution for you... but that isn't really what you wanted? You just wanted someone to hold space for you and [...]

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SALTY IN THE MENTAWAI // Part 1 ~ The Getting There

Every cult has its mecca, that one place fanatics dream of experiencing with their own living soul. Surfing is no exception: Indonesia it is. In the last decade Indo has easily become the promised land for surfers and non-surfers alike, rapidly gaining popularity as one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations [...]

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White beans, Green peas and Feta Dip

↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française One of the good things about travelling is that you are always discovering new food and tasting new flavours. Initially, it will be inspiring, but after a week of getting excited about the new local dishes, you realize there actually is not [...]

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I refuse to be the “chill girl.”

If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive. - Audre Lorde   I refuse to be the “chill girl.” If you interrupt me I will not let it slide. I will pull you up on it, to the [...]

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BLISS is Orgasmic – & Doesn’t Have to Do With Sex

Do you remember the last time you felt an absolute moment of bliss ? You know, I’m sure you do, of those moments where the world stopped spinning for an instant. In that moment all the dots seem to connect. Every focal points that creates our inner and outer reality [...]

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Falling: what is it and why are we so scared of it?

Ok dude. Let’s get this clear. Falling. What is it? Gravity pulling you down at 9,81 m/s2? Falling down the stairs? Falling off a twenty-storey building? Or even falling in love? (yeah, that one can mess you up real good too.) Falling also sounds like failing, doesn’t it? It is [...]

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Zucchini + Asparagus Carbonara

 ↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française In my young age, I was fooled several times by my mother's cruditè plates. Too many times I crunched with enthusiasm into what I thought was a cucumber stick, but which turned out to be raw zucchini. To me, it was absolutely [...]

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We are only as loveable as we think

When did you decide you weren't good enough? It likely happened when you were small.  As kids we take on the projections of adults and the strange ways that people treat us and make it mean something about us, inherently, as humans. We make it all mean that we are not [...]

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I’m sorry, but screw your ‘Perfect Partner’ checklist

All these boxes These checklists women prepare Dot-points, paragraphs and rulebooks on what their ideal partner must have Before they will even think to open their hearts, to share their lives with someone I hear this so often He’ll have his own successful company and he’ll like yoga and he’ll [...]

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Today, I stopped giving a fuck about living for a bit.

Today, I sat still in the ocean, holding on to my surfboard like it was the only thing keeping me alive, and I cried out loud in the middle of the big blue. Drifting away, giving up, giving in, surrendering to the all-mighty ocean. I honestly didn’t give a fuck [...]

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Tropical Fruit Crumble

↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française Because your classic apple crisp dreams of a little exoticism too 😉 In terms of desserts, the croustade -or crisp in English- is already an interesting healthy option in itself. I have made this version even healthier still, by using ingredients with [...]

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Surfing: the sport of freedom? Not if you’re gay

Surfing: the sport of freedom? We often talk about how surfing is freedom, surfing is joy, surfing is an alternative lifestyle and a pure means of self expression. But many surfers still don't feel so free: surfers who happen to be gay. As the blog editor of a company that [...]

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Delays, stress and ten-hour transits: the Salty Souls guide to surviving your long-haul flight

You know what's fun? Not long haul flights. Before we get started, let me just say I know how blatantly that comment displays an inherent privelege and feverish arrogance and I am lucky to have the agency and socioeconomic status and financial means (ish) to travel internationally. I acknowledge that. [...]

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Les limites, barrières du potentiel ou dompteuses de risque ?

Photo par Morgan Maassen Soyons respectueux devant le possible dont nul ne sait la limite - Victor Hugo En lisant récemment mon dernier exemplaire de Surfer Magazine, j’en suis venue à réfléchir au concept de frontières ou plutôt au concept de limites. Bien sûr, d’un point de vue géographique, le surf [...]

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Post-Training : Raw Energy Balls

↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française Energy balls were my first contact with raw food! To me, it was a totally new concept, different and intriguing. A few years later, based on the memory of this first experience, I developed my own energy ball recipe to serve to the [...]

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Burned-out at 27: What Happens When You Fall Off the Carousel

I’ve been a Grey’s Anatomy fan since forever, way before I went to medical school. I remember watching all first three seasons in a record-breaking short amount of time and thinking I wanted to be Meredith Grey. Now, let me clear the air before I keep going. I did not [...]

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