Your story isn’t finished. It isn’t even close.

I’m in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I need to get back to Albuquerque before nightfall, because I’ve rented out a little tiny wagon home for the night, before my flight out of the States the next day. I don’t know why I chose the tiny home in Albuquerque. Maybe because [...]

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The Dream House Project: Part 1- the Commitment

We are sitting at a round table in the bank, in the very middle of San Salvador. There's three women in the room; me, Tanya- the notary, and Doña Vilma- the 77-year-old woman selling me her land. Tanya is reading us the deed in Spanish language, legal document confirming the [...]

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MORNING RITUAL: How to set yourself up for an epic day!

Every day, we are given one more shot at life. One more chance to make today our masterpiece. Yet, millions of people are just cruising down the streets of life everyday, on 'auto-pilot' mode; physically present, visible to the eyes of others, but truthfully having their body, mind and spirit disconnected... [...]

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13 Affirmations for radical body love

feature image: @magsymooo   Our brain is usually talking to itself all day, at all times. So often we assume the self-talk is automatic and innate. But when was the last time you held an ear up to the voices and asked yourself what kind of messages you're sending yourself? [...]

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Arroz con menestra

Of all the typical meals in Ecuador, arroz con menestra is surely the most widespread in all regions of the country. You will literally find it on every street corner! It is either made with red beans or lentils, and it is served with rice (arroz), a very thinly grilled [...]

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Surf Spot Series: Balangan, Bali, Indonesia

What's the Surf Spot Series ? It's the Salty Team's favorite surf spots 😉 This month, the spotlight is on the break that saw me experience surfing on my backside for the first time; Balangan in Bali, Indonesia. I remember clearly the first time I went to Bali and how [...]

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Learning to live with less: the reality

"You pay for things with hours of your life." A few years ago someone spoke these words to me. It has haunted me for life. Just like that, I was never the same again. Every time I tried to order a new dress online for $59.99, my brain would start [...]

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Ground cherry – thyme compote

The wave season in Ecuador has been pretty mellow, so about a month ago, I decided it was time for me to go play the tourist. It is currently my fourth long-term stay in Ecuador and I still hadn't explored anywhere but the coast. So I met with my friend [...]

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•• FREE DOWNLOAD •• Salty Club Not-Journal Mini-Journal

Hey human! As adults, it can be easy to get too deep into our own heads, and our own seriousness. With a saturation of ‘life coaching’ and ‘wellness’ people telling us what we should and should not be doing to be ‘spiritual’, journal like this, meditate like this, eat this, [...]

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Surf Spot Series: Montañita, Ecuador

 What's the Surf Spot Series ? It's the favorite surf spots of the Salty Team 😉 When it comes to surfing, it’s never easy to pick the right spot, especially as beginners. There are so many and they all work better at different time of the year, with different swell [...]

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Five Minutes with Surf Photographer Cait Miers

Lush beach settings, impossibly blue-green waters and magical all-girl surf sessions in exotic surf locations all over the world. Meet Cait Miers, the woman behind the lense (and screen) of @caitmiersphotography. At 24, she has released a book, a swimwear line, has a 100,000+ strong following on Instagram and recently [...]

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PRANAYAMA – How learning to control your breath will make you a super-human

Have you ever met someone who was just so full of life, it felt like they were radiating? Someone that had a perceivable magnetism, and therefore seemed to be attracting all the good into their field… A freakin' gravitational force…!? The Chinese call it chi, the Polynesians mana, the Amerindians [...]

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5 ways to get over creative block

What is creativity to you? Creativity is complicated. For me, it's a dance. The kind of white-lady dance where you’re not quite sure what you’re doing so you throw a whole bunch of moves together, slap on a smile and hope for the best, but a dance nonetheless. If you [...]

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Post workout – Peanut Butter and Tofu Jar

When I get back from a surf session, I often get huge instant sugar cravings. I guess I am so exhausted that my body is looking for a fast & easy energy boost right away. In these cases, it is so damn easy to start binge-eating the full-sugar full-butter brownies [...]

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If you are highly sensitive to this image, we have good news for you!

Hi, My name is Ari BC. And I feel like crying every time I see a picture of a starving polar bear stuck in the middle of a melted iceberg ocean. Planet earth sure is taking an ominous turn. It seriously kills me that we still put our efforts into [...]

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It was you all along (and other poems)

Love will always find its way back Love will always find its way back to you. It doesn’t matter how long ago you lost it, or how dark you think the path to your heart is. That’s the thing about love, it will always find a way. Maybe in a [...]

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Why ‘ready enough’ is good enough.

Roughly how many times in the past six months have you told yourself you’re not ready? I’m not ready to apply for that job. I’m not ready to share my gifts with the world. I’m not ready to be more visible, more vocal, more honest, more ambitious. I’m not ready [...]

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Why do yoga ? (Hint: It’s not about tightening your ass in a hot room)

I still remember the exact second I fell in love with yoga, almost four years ago. I had been practicing in the city for a while at this stage, but low-key thought this whole thing was a little overrated... Written in my journal on July 13th, 2014, Ubud, Indonesia "Yesterday, [...]

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My introduction to the world of training (a tale from someone who hates working out)

I’ve never been a fan of working out. Just hearing the word “cardio” makes me want to throw up. Oh, and I hate gyms. Throughout my life I kind of tried to train here and there, just because I was told that exercising was good. I knew it was good, [...]

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You contribute to the revolution… {poem}

You contribute to the revolution Every time you get good and vulnerable Every time you voice your emotional needs in your relationships, clearly, assertively Without apology for being "such a girl" You contribute to the revolution Every time you refuse to compete or feel threatened by another woman Her confidence [...]

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