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“Surf is like the mafia… Once you’re in, you can’t get out. “ – Kelly Slater

Whether you’ve always dreamed of surfing, but never really had the chance to commit to it, or you’re already a surfer chick thirsty to learn more, we promise you unforgettable memories in the ocean! Our professional surf coaches will offer the coaching you need depending on your level, allowing you to improve quickly and efficiently, while enjoying the incredible sweet sensation of sliding down a wave!


  • 4 practical lessons  (2:1 student/coach ratio )
  • 3 theoretical classes
  • Surf photos analysis
  • Board rental

* The chances to become totally addicted to this sport are really high! We just wanted to let you know… 😉


Did you know we breathe +20.000 times a day? And that probably most of us are not using their respiratory system to its fullest potential and thus, limiting our physical and mental performance.

Now imagine being able to not only increase your lung capacity and vitality, but also understanding how to use your breathing to master your emotions, specially during challenging situations in the ocean.

During the Salty Souls Experience, we will dive deep into the world of conscious breathing and breath holding, with trainings on the dry land, in pool and in the ocean. The end goal is not to reach a certain time or distance. Apnea Training allows us to tap into a deep state of inner connection & relaxation that will redefine your underwater experience, as well as your relationship with the ocean.


  • 1 Theory + Breath Training Session
  • 2 Pool sessions
  • 1 Open Water session
  • 1 Fun dive session

Who is this Experience for?

This adventure is for women aged anywhere between 18 and 108 years old, that are ready to ignite their passion for adventure! We are looking for vibrant, passionate and active girls, who are not afraid of getting wet, salty and sweaty! You are craving a new challenge, an occasion to welcome new perspectives, learn, share and get out of your comfort zone? 

You’ve landed on the right page.

Having a burning desire to be part of this is all you need; no prior experience in surfing, apnea or backflippin’ is necessary.

*If you are seeking a super relaxing retreat, to lounge and sip Piña Coladas by the pool, this is not the experience you are looking for. And on the flip side, if you are feeling super YOLO and wanna party ’til the AM with your best friend, this won’t be the context your are looking for either.

LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

for both Surf & Apnea


GROUP: 14 amazing women


The Accommodation

Bingin Retreat Center is a stunning eco-inspired luxury estate hidden above the white sand beaches of Bukit Peninsula in the southern tip of Bali. This amazing eco lodge is located walking distance to Bingin Beach, a famous surf spot, and it features traditional Javanese Joglo houses crafted out of recycled teak wood. It has a large open-air yoga shala, a magnificent flower-shaped swimming pool and an expansive garden. Rooms are shared between 2 people. If you are coming alone, we will naturally match you with another rad lady!

About the Bukit Peninsula

It almost feels like Bali doesn’t need an introduction anymore… Known as the Island of The Gods due to the magical & spiritual feel you get from waking up on its land; nobody resists its spell. Bali is a place where your heart cracks open, you eyes fill up with beauty, and your whole soul is taken on a ride. We dare you not to fall incredibly in love… We are located in Bingin Beach, one of the most famous and prettiest part of the island. Our location is the perfect basecamp to explore the beauty of the Southern coast – enjoy stunning sunset from the majestic cliff of Uluwatu, watch world-class waves at Bingin beach and surf its perfect crystal clear waters.

The oceanic part of our Apnea Training will take us to Amed for a day trip, an amazing corner of the east coast of the Island that is a freediver paradise.


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

To live this experience to the fullest, you’ll obviously need some very good fuel, and that’s why you’ll get to enjoy delicious & healthy meals all week long. The Salty Souls’ approach is all about eating clean, without compromising the pleasure. We believe in finding the right balance!

We include all delicious breakfasts and a few dinners that will be prepared exclusively by our private chef at the retreat center. Local, fresh and finger-licking. We will otherwise go explore the incredibly delicious (and so affordable!)  food scene that Bali has to offer.


“Most people will never get to experience how good their body is designed to feel… but you can!”

To surf (and live) better, you need to keep your body strong, flexible and injury-free. That’s why you’ll be spending time performing exercises focusing on mobility, balance, coordination, agility, core control and posture. These specific routines combined with yoga and stretching sessions will help you gain endurance and strength and also allow smoother recovery.

Efficient training habits to take back home, allowing you to keep on improving your surfing abilities.

When & How 

What’s Included ?

  • 8 days/ 7 nights in a dreamy accommodation
  • All delicious breakfasts + 4 dinners
  • 4 practical surf lessons adapted to your level (2:1 ratio)
  • 3 theoretical surf lessons + photo analysis
  • Surfboard rental
  • 4 Apnea training sessions + 1 Oceanic freedive
  • Freediving equipment
  • Movement/recovery classes
  • Professional pictures each day
  • Transport & access to all adventures
  • Airport transfers
  • 1-month free access to the Salty Club

* Not Included:

  • Flight ticket YOU ✈ DENPASAR
  • Some meals
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel Insurance

Only 1 trip available:

OCTOBER 17 to 24, 2022 *1 spot left!

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