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“Surf is like the mafia… Once you’re in, you can’t get out. “ – Kelly Slater

Whether you’ve always dreamed of surfing, but never really had the chance to commit to it, or you’re already a surfer chick thirsty to learn more, we promise you unforgettable memories in the ocean ! Our professional surf coaches will offer the coaching you need depending on your level, allowing you to improve quickly and efficiently, while enjoying the incredible sweet sensation of sliding down a wave !


  • 4 practical lessons  (2:1 student/coach ratio )
  • 3 theoretical classes
  • Surf photos analysis
  • Board rental

* The chances to become totally addicted to this sport are really high ! We just wanted to let you know… 😉


“There is nothing prettier than a girl in love with every breath she takes.” – Atticus

During the Salty Souls Experience, we will be stepping on the mat every day ! Our intention is to help you explore beyond the practice of a simple sequence of poses. Let’s dive into meditation. Into conscious breath-work. Into Movement. Into sound.

Yoga at its core is an energetic system, a road map, designed to help us unlock our highest potential. The practice helps you develop strength, balance, gracefulness, but the end goal is not to touch your nose to your knees. Yoga simply invites you to stop and get caught up in presence, in breath, in the life that is you. And if you do that on regular basis, you will start to unlock some pretty incredible aspects of yourself. This experience is the occasion for you to truly tune-in, and harness your personal power.


  • Daily yoga and/or meditation
  • Yoga mats


“To keep the body in good health is a duty… Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

Our approach to physical training is said holistic, or 360 degrees; The mind needs to be stimulated. Our food be clean. Our soul must feel alive. And the agility of our body must be cultivated ! So not only, Shayelle will guide the yoga practices, but she will also allow you to step up your physical game with some fun, diversified workouts. You’ll be performing some exercises that focus on agility, balance & flexibility while working on your strength & endurance. Surf-style training is the best preparation to face the ocean confidently !


  • 4 physical training sessions
  • Training equipment


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

The Salty Souls’ approach is all about eating clean, without compromising the pleasure. We believe in finding the right balance ! Our cooks will be preparing for you finger-licking meals daily, made of fresh and local ingredients. Our host Shayelle Lajoie will sharing her incredible knowledge with you, offering a 2-hour workshop on Plant-based Alimentation and How to Optimize your Health. The program also includes a traditional cooking class at Tresna, one of the best cooking school of Bali ! On this full-day activity in the heart of the island, you’ll get to pick your own organic ingredients at the market, learn about the Balinese food culture, and prepare authentic Balinese home cooked dishes at your own little ”cooking station”. Best part ? All the plates will be eaten by the end of the class !


  • 7 delicious breakfasts + 4 dinners (including an all-you-can-eat BBQ :D)
  • 1 nutrition workshop w/ Shayelle Lajoie
  • 1 cooking class at Tresna School (including a 9-course authentic feast)


“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Empowerment is being embodied and conscious in our daily actions. It is when we move through the world connected to our inner knowing. It’s finding ways to cultivate, magnify and stand in our power. Inside of you, lives some unexplored forces, a higher potential that is waiting to be unleashed. It’s not just in some of us… it’s in everyone. And as we learn to be liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others.

Over the course of 2 workshops, we will help you find or refine what it means to live a vibrant & purposeful life, and how to be more daring. Time has come to unleash your greatness !


“We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.”

This experience is most probably the best occasion you’ll have to surround yourself with a dozen of active and inspiring chicks who have dreams as big as yours ! The Salty Souls is your tribe, it’s a community of girls that want to do things differently. We can only imagine what projects, trips, ideas or sister-like friendships will arise from getting all the coolest women together for a week. 

Above all, this experience will allow you to connect with yourself. To give your body & mind the space to remember what truly makes you vibe.

↠ Who ↞

Who Is This Experience For ?

This adventure is for women aged anywhere between 18 and 108 years old, that are ready to ignite their passion for adventure ! We are looking for vibrant, passionate and active girls, who are not afraid of getting wet & salty, who are willing to say YES to new challenges, and who are thirsty to learn, share and welcome new perspectives. Having a burning desire to be part of this is all you need; no prior experience in yoga, surf, meditation, hiking or backflippin’ is necessary.

If you are seeking a super relaxing retreat, filled with pedicures and manicures… sorry, but this is not the experience you are looking for. If you are feeling super YOLO and just wanna party ’til the AM with your best friend, we would also advise you to look elsewhere.

The Team 

Marie-Christine Amyot↠ Surf Coach / Co-Founder

Shayelle Lajoie↠ Yoga Teacher / Life-Optimization Coach

Israel Barona↠ Photographer / Surf Coach

Discover the team members

salty souls team picture

↠ Where ↞

The Accommodation

Located on the southern cliffs of Bali -called the Bukit peninsula- the Salty Breeze resort offers a breathtaking view over Green Bowl beach, an uncrowded beach with sparkling turquoise water, beautiful caves and monkeys! You’ll feel straight out of your cutest dreams with the stylish design of this villa and the beautifully decorated rooms. The resort offers different room options – Shared double rooms (if you are alone, we will match with a roomie) , Private Queen Bungalow with Ocean view, and we even have a Deluxe bungalow with its own little private pool. The choice is yours! The Salty casa also has its own yoga studio, a place for our family meals, a big swimming pool, a ping-pong & pool area and heaps of space to chill.

About the Bukit Peninsula

It almost feels like Bali doesn’t need an introduction anymore… Known as the Island of The Gods due to the magical & spiritual feel you get from waking up on its land; nobody resists its spell. Bali is a place where your heart cracks open, you eyes fill up with beauty, and your whole soul is taken on a ride. We dare you not to fall incredibly in love… We are located in Green Bowl Beach, an area that has preserved its rawness despite the rise of tourism across the island. Our location is the perfect basecamp to explore the beauty of the Southern coast — enjoy stunning sunset from the majestic cliff of Uluwatu, watch world-class waves at Bingin beach and surf the perfect crystal clear waters of Balangan. Our cooking class day will take you inland, right in the heart & magic of Ubud.

↠ When & How ↞

What’s Included ?

  • 8 days/ 7 nights in a dreamy accommodation
  • All delicious breakfasts + 4 dinners
  • Daily yoga/training & meditation
  • 4 surf classes + 3 theoretical lessons
  • Surfboard rental
  • 2 empowerment workshops
  • 1 nutrition workshop
  • 1 traditional cooking class (including a 9-course lunch)
  • 25+ professional pictures each day
  • Transport & access to all adventures
  • Airport transfers
  • 1-month free access to the Salty Club

* Not Included:

  • Flight ticket
  • Travel Insurance (mandatory)
  • Some meals (6 lunchs + 3 dinners)


October 2022 – Soon to announced

How much ?

  • Private Deluxe: 2690$US

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