10 Girls. 9 Days. 1 Beach House

May 19th-27th 2018

Jump In

Our belief is that daily life is meant to be filled with excitement and energy !

We are inviting you to come dive into our colourful universe, offering vibrant & ambitious girls

the opportunity to explore & unleash their true potential.

On the land, as in the sea, you will be challenged,

but you’ll also find yourself laughing out loud and dancing under the moon.

The Salty Souls Experience will increase your energy, your confidence, broaden your connections, and more simply…

Leave you high on life !


“Surf is like the mafia… Once you’re in, you can’t get out. ” – Kelly Slater

Whether you’ve always dreamed of surfing, but never really had the chance to commit to it, or you tried a few times, fell in love with it and you now want to learn more, we promise you unforgettable memories in the ocean ! By learning with our professional surf coaches, your improvement will be rapid and effective, allowing you to get a taste of the incredibly sweet sensation of sliding down a wave !


  • 3 theoretical classes
  • 4 practical lessons assisted by experienced local surfers (1:1 ratio)
  • Photos of your sessions (we’ll do group analysis at night)

*The chances to become totally addicted to this sport are really high ! We just wanted to let you know… 😉


“There is nothing prettier than a girl in love with every breath she takes.” – Atticus

During the Salty Souls Experience, we will step on the mat every day ! Our intention is to accompany you into exploring beyond the practice of the poses. We will explore with you different styles , and will be introducing meditation, conscious breath-work, and mantra singing. A nice flow, inspired by many months spent in Bali !

We aim to help you develop strength and become more graceful, but also become more aware and in tune with your body. Yoga is for us a way to create mental space, so we can generate a whole new flow of awesome ideas.

This practice promises to be highly invigorating, no matter what your level is !


“Let’s stop striving to be ‘good.’ Let’s start striving to be ‘whole.'” -Debbie Ford

Empowerment is being embodied and conscious in our daily actions. It is when we move through the world connected to our inner knowing. It is when we allow ourselves to speak our deepest desires, emotions and experiences without fear. It is when we reclaim every part of ourselves, gently calling back into the light the parts we have forced into the shadows and saying ‘I accept you.’ It is when we acknowledge the parts of us that are brilliant, and big, and saying ‘I see you.’ It is a process of homecoming, a remembrance that we are powerful, worthy and needed on this earth.

Over 3 workshops Caitlin will lead you through a series of activities designed to lead you back home to yourself, to tap into your innate wild being, and inner source of power. What desires have you been hiding from the world? What have you been dying to ask for? What does it look like for you to live a vibrant, soulful and purposeful life that feels good for you? How can we help you get there?


“You think adventure is dangerous…try routine, it’s lethal.”

El Salvador is still such a raw & wild country to explore. So here are the highlights of the bucket list we’ve lined up for this trip:

Hike on the crater rim of the Santa Ana Volcano

Watch the sunset over the sparkling blue volcanic Lago de Coatepeque

Do a double backflip in the Tamanique Waterfalls

Try each flavour of Pupusas… And repeat.

Start a dance battle in El Tunco

… Hopefully, you’ll be adding your personal touch to this list !


“ We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. ”

This experience is most probably the best occasion you’ll ever have to finally surround yourself with 14 active and inspiring chicks who have dreams as big as yours ! The Salty Souls is your tribe, it’s a community of girls that want to do things differently. We can only imagine what projects, trips, ideas or sister-like friendships will arise from getting all the coolest women together for 9 days. 

Above all, this experience will allow you to connect with yourself. To give your body & mind the space to remember what truly makes you vibe…

 What do you really want ? How can we help you achieve it ?


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

To live this experience to the fullest, you’ll obviously need some very good fuel, and that’s why we thought of including a delicious & healthy menu. The Salty Souls’ approach is all about eating clean, without compromising the pleasure. We believe in finding the right balance.

Our cook chooses fresh and local ingredients to create finger-licking meals full of superfoods, which will make you feel physically awesome ! The menu is vegetarian (with fish) and dairy products are optional.

You’ll undoubtedly be heading back home with a bunch of new recipe ideas.

↠ Who ↞

Who Is This Experience For ?

This adventure is for women aged anywhere between 18 and 108 years old, that are ready to ignite their passion for adventure ! We are looking for vibrant, passionate and active girls, who are not afraid of getting wet & salty, who are willing to say YES to new challenges, and who are thirsty to learn, share and welcome new perspectives. Having a burning desire to be part of this is all you need; no prior experience in yoga, surf, meditation, hiking or backflippin’ is necessary.

If you are seeking a super relaxing retreat, filled with pedicures and manicures… sorry, but this is not the experience you are looking for. If you are feeling super YOLO and just wanna party ’til the AM with your best friend, we would also advise you to look elsewhere.

The Team 

Erika Drolet↠ Cofounder / Yoga Teacher

Laurence Charron↠ Surf Coach

Nette Klement↠ Photographer

Cristina R. Clark↠ Head Cook

Caitlin Creeper↠ Empowerment Writer & Facilitator

Read more about the girls

↠ Where ↞

The Villa

Picture a white & rustic villa above a black sandy beach, with one of the most famous wave of the country in its backyard. Yep, the Casa Salty Souls it is, located in Playa El Tunco. It can accommodate 10 people, in double or triple occupations with air-con. There is a large pool (with an island in the middle of it!), a sundeck, a nice chilling area with hammocks and enough space for yoga & big communal meals !

About El Tunco

Playa El Tunco is located on the pacific coast, 40 minutes away from the International Airport. It is a fun costal village, where you will mostly be surrounded by friendly surfers and sun seekers. It is a safe and pleasant area. The beach is divided by a river mouth and there are two main surf spots: El Sunzal and La Bocana. El Tunco is also a good basecamp location to explore the wildness of the inner land.

↠ When & How ↞

What’s Included ?

  • 9 days/ 8 nights in your dream villa
  • All delicious meals (except 2-3 that will be eaten on the road)
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • Surfboard rental
  • 3 Theoretical surf classes + 4 private practical lessons
  • 3 Empowerment workshops
  • 25+ Professional pictures each day
  • Transport & Access to Volcano and Waterfalls
  • Airport transfers
  • 1 June Swimwear kit + Jewelry from Twenty Compass

*Not Included : Flight ticket, Travel insurance (required), BYO – Bring Your Own Yoga Mat


May 19th- 27th, 2018 *FULLY-BOOKED


 Special Price

2 290 US $

Regular Price

2 490 US $

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