Erika Drolet
Erika DroletCofounder, Yoga Teacher | Canada
I’m in charge of the yoga & self-development aspects. Beyond the time spent on the mat, I’m taking care of the blog and the visual marketing (website, social medias strategy).
Marie-Christine Amyot
Marie-Christine AmyotCofounder, Surf Coach | Canada
Surf has totally changed my life, and I want to offer others the opportunity to discover the benefits of this sport and get to feel that incredible adrenaline rush of sliding on a wave !

Caitlin Creeper
Caitlin CreeperEditor in Chief | Australia
I’m the one writing, researching, editing and interviewing inspiring people and their stories, and inspecting the contents of my own brain for the #inspiration blog. I also take care of the social media and Salty community, along with Erika.
Cristina R. Clark
Cristina R. ClarkHead Cook | El Salvador
My role in Salty El Salvador is to create magic in the kitchen, bringing healthy and flavorsome food to the plate, so each one of the Salty girls can have a tasty experience with fresh local products.
Nette Klement
Nette KlementSurf Coach | Netherlands
I’m so excited to be sharing my passion for the ocean and surfing with you, coaching in El Salvador. My goal is simple: I want to be for you the surf coach I wish I had when I started surfing…!
Israel Barona
Israel BaronaPhotographer | Ecuador
I am the photographer in El Sal, Ecuador & Bali (depending on the season!) and my role is to capture the best moments during the Experiences. Since my main profession is surfer, I also assist the surf coaching.
Grace Martinez
Grace MartinezHead Cook | Ecuador
“But maybe the craziest was when I was the crazy cat lady… I had 13 cats all rescued from the street… found home for most of the and end up keeping 4.”
Shayelle Lajoie
Shayelle LajoieYoga & Fitness Coach | Australia
22 years of ballet, 11 years of yoga, 10 years of surfing and a lifetime of love for nutrition brought me to where I am today. Let me share some of this with you…
Pauline Mathiot
Pauline MathiotGraphic Designer, Photographer | France
My work is inspired by my love for the ocean and the lights of the sun, which creates a certain poetry you can find along my universe. A magical ride through South America gave a new sense to my art, creating meaningful content and aligning authentic values.
Louise Froehling
Louise FroehlingSurf Coach | Germany
– Ninja super skill people don’t know you possess?
– My ninja super skill is getting barrelled- because that is also when I pull out my ninja lookalike stance haha!
Shelby Neufeld
Shelby NeufeldPhotographer | Canada
I am a certified Make-up Artist and began taking photos to showcase my work; then I slowly surrounded myself with more photographers in the growing creative industry in BC and developed a love for photographing the outdoors and my adventures.
Ligia Jimenez
Ligia JimenezYoga Teacher, Sound Healer | El Salvador
Favorite place in the world? I love El Salvador, my home, and have always loved the ocean here. Truly the weather is perfect, there is delicious fruit all year long, and the tropical vibe is a dream.
Lucile Weigel
Lucile WeigelYoga teacher | Reunion Island
Ninja super-skill? When someone lay down in Savasana, I can feel energy flowing in different directions as I make adjustments. I can either give or take the energy out of you, or it travels both ways… I can’t quite explain it but apparently it feels very nice.
Mylène Bergeron
Mylène BergeronGuest Speaker | Canada
I lead special empowerment workshops that look at how posture, movement and breath can dismantle self-limiting patterns and reshape our mindset.
Gilly Anne Smith
Gilly Anne SmithPhysical Trainer | United States
XPT, CrossFit & Health coach, Gilly is the founder of an all-girl fitness movement called Femme Royale & the founder + Head trainer of CrossFit St-Thomas. She is an overall badass, and she is coming to El Salvador in March to train with you!
Dominique Granger
Dominique GrangerPhotographer | Canada
I was the first photographer for Salty Souls during the 2015-2016 El Salvador Season, and I’m glad to be now back for some of the retreats (Ecuador, Bali)!
Lucie Francini
Lucie FranciniVideographer | France
I’m a special guest on this Bali edition, I’ll be the videographer, capturing moving memories.