Erika Drolet
Erika DroletCofounder, Yoga Teacher
I’m in charge of the yoga & self-development aspects. Beyond the time spent on the mat, I’m taking care of the blog and the visual marketing (website, social medias strategy).
Marie-Christine Amyot
Marie-Christine AmyotCofounder, Surf Coach
Surf has totally changed my life, and I want to offer others the opportunity to discover the benefits of this sport and get to feel that incredible adrenaline rush of sliding on a wave !

Ariane Brien Chicoine
Ariane Brien ChicoineCo-owner, Head Cook
I am feeding the troops! My goal is to share my vision, my passion, my tips to keep good daily habits and my knowledge in order to help you see more clearly through all the trends and multiple beliefs that surround an healthy alimentation.
Caitlin Creeper
Caitlin CreeperEmpowerment Writer & Facilitator
I’m the one writing, researching, editing and interviewing inspiring people and their stories, and inspecting the contents of my own brain for the #inspiration blog. I also take care of the social media and Salty community, and now I am also moving into a teaching role at the retreats, which I’m so excited about.
Cath Medeiros & Max Powers
Cath Medeiros & Max PowersPersonal Trainers, Edition Fitness & Self-Defense
Half-human, half-superhuman. Educating, empowering and motivating people to take personal responsibility for their health, adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle, nutrition and movement practice.
Laurence Charron
Laurence CharronSurf Coach
I am in charge of everything relative to the surf for Salty El Salvador. Surfing is my number one passion and I want to share my knowledge to help you demystify and experience of this amazing sport !
Cristina R. Clark
Cristina R. ClarkHead Cook
My role in Salty El Salvador is to create magic in the kitchen, bringing healthy and flavorsome food to the plate, so each one of the Salty girls can have a tasty experience with fresh local products.
Nette Klement
Nette KlementPhotographer
I’m the photographer in El Salvador. I’ll try to turn into stills all the memories we are going to create, so that you can look back at your Salty Experience over and over again.
Israel Barona
Israel BaronaPhotographer
I am the photographer in Ecuador and my role is to capture the best moments during the Experiences. Since my main profession is surfer, I also assist the surf coaching!
Karolane Ferland
Karolane FerlandGraphic Designer
I studied in 3D animation design and then interior design. I still thought there was something missing so I completed a graphic design program in Montreal. I love everything that has to do with design but what I like most is graphic design and photography. I simply love beautiful.
Mylène Bergeron
Mylène BergeronGuest Speaker
This spring in El Salvador, I will lead a special empowerment edition with three workshops that look at how posture, movement and breath can dismantle self-limiting patterns and reshape our mindset.
Janne Robinson
Janne RobinsonGuest Speaker
I’ll be hosting three workshops on authenticity & empowerment, as well as 1:1 coaching throughout one special edition experience.