Cristina R. Clark | Head Cook 

From El Salvador // See Cristina’s favorite recipes

 What is your role in the Salty Souls Experience ?

My role with the Salty Souls Experience is to create magic in the kitchen, bringing healthy and flavorsome food to the plate, so each one of the Salty girls can have a tasty experience with fresh local products.

What’s your background and how did you acquire those skills ?

I started cooking when I was around 10 years old- with my mother of course- who taught me how to feel the food and its flavors, how to listen to my body, know what it needs, and how choose the freshest products. When I was 21 years old I moved to San Francisco, California, which opened my knowledge and perspective about food. I worked in a couple of great places, took specific cooking classes in my areas of culinary interest. Then I moved back to El Salvador build a healthy vegetarian/vegan restaurant that was also bringing together art, music and sports. It was called Yemayà – Food from the Earth ! I’m now I’m catering for different events independently.

What’s your biggest challenge within the Salty Souls Experience?

Its a different thing when you’re surrounded just by female energy. I believe you, as one of them, will get the opportunity to know yourself better on a deeper level… my biggest challenge will be keeping everyone happy with my flavors, creativity and my work in the kitchen.

Ninja super skill people don’t know you possess ?

I can imagine ingredients in my head, mentally combine them, and then totally foresee how would it will taste, our the flavors and texture will work together… that’s my ninja skill!

Favorite place in the world ? 

Definitely the beach, the ocean, the tropical weather. Why? It is my happy place since I can remember. I feel complete and serene when I’m at the beach!

What gets you the most excited in life ?

Being able to have a life doing the things I love and which make me feel alive on a daily basis: cooking, surfing, running, meditation, being with my daughter! It fills me up!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done ?

I’ll tell you something mild lol… The craziest thing? Giving life, birth to an amazing child, becoming a mother… and at the same time continuing to follow my dreams, leading by example to show my daughter how to live life on her own terms.