Lucile Weigel | Yoga Teacher

From Reunion Island

 What is your role in the Salty Souls Experience? 

I’m the yoga teacher at Salty Ecuador! My role is to teach yoga every morning and lead the Empowerment workshops, as well as host the retreats with the girls, making sure you’re well looked after during your stay. 

What’s your background and how did you acquire those skills?

I grew up on a small island called Reunion in the Indian Ocean and travelled around the world from a young age. My background is originally in Film and video. I produced video projects for 12 years before I finally realized that my dreams had changed. My ambitions were no longer to make bigger projects in a big city with a pile of responsibilities. It was always in the back of my mind to leave and travel but it was not until three years ago that I had the guts to do it. It is through yoga that I found that courage and my path. I left everything behind and went travelling and studied the discipline of yoga in Bali. It was life-changing and truly inspiring. I have never stopped studying the practice since and travelled around South America and Africa learning from different teachers and healers about the practice of touch, meditation, yoga and relaxation.

Ninja super skill people don’t know you possess?

When someone lay down in Savasana, I can feel energy flowing in different directions as I make adjustments. I can either give or take the energy out of you, or it travels both ways… I can’t quite explain it but apparently it feels very nice.

Favorite place in the world? 

Anywhere warm where I can breathe and feel nature! Mystic jungles, the sea, the sun, the mountains… These places make me feel grounded and alive. It’s funny but you know I’m at the right place when my hair goes completely wild and curly. In cities, I just don’t know what to do with it.

What gets you the most excited in life?

Meeting and connecting with new people, travelling, arriving in a new place where I feel at home straight away, helping others, making a small difference, the smell of the sea, les brownies, passion fruit vegan cheesecake, sharing, when I see people doing things for one another with love.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I quit everything despite a lot of people saying I was crazy to leave a very fortunate situation. It was scary but in the end, even if it’s not for everyone, I feel lucky to have done it and changed. The things and the people who were meant to be in my new life are still there. And less seriously… I jumped off a 15m waterfall without knowing how, to impress a boy (I was 16…) It hurt so much and I ended up with two massive bruises on my ass to remember this lesson for a lifetime.