Why Travel Makes You a Better Person

Traveling has never been this accessible. More and more, we are using school exchanges, working visas or just backpacking around as a common rite of passage. We all want to see the world, to live the dream, to pursue our passion and hopefully make money while [...]

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Les Salty Souls dans la série Surf Inc. de Ouisurf

L’automne dernier, Benjamin Rochette, fondateur de Ouisurf, nous a proposé de prendre part à son nouveau projet: Surf Inc.  À travers une web série, on présente le parcours de 10 entrepreneurs qui ont choisi de s’expatrier afin de mettre leur passion au centre de leur [...]

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Marie-Christine Amyot: “Make Your Own Reality”

We say things happen for a reason. Usually when someone is having a hard time in their life. My life is falling apart and you’re telling me “Everything happens for a reason”?! F*ck you… Seriously! Because, do you know what? Some things happen for absolutely [...]

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The Dream House Project: Part 1- the Commitment

We are sitting at a round table in the bank, in the very middle of San Salvador. There's three women in the room; me, Tanya- the notary, and Doña Vilma- the 77-year-old woman selling me her land. Tanya is reading us the deed in Spanish [...]

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I Wasn’t Ready

Going to a foreign country for the first time has a lot of unknowns. I didn’t know if I'd like it, if I'd be safe, if I'd be myself, nothing…I was walking in blind. I didn’t know how I could prepare myself, so I just [...]

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SALTY IN THE MENTAWAI // Part 3 – Surfing on Razor Blades

If you haven't read them yet, first read Part 1 and Part 2. Beyond the stormy boat ride and the wild pig BBQ, the real point to coming all the way here was obviously to surf impeccable waves. But we would be lying if we [...]

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SALTY IN THE MENTAWAI // Part 2 ~ Life à la Robinson Crusoe

If you missed it, read: Part 1- The Getting There  THE HABITATION We had settled into a modest land camp at the southern tip of the island. Six ocean front rooms with flower pattern mosquitos nets, a disproportionally spacious bathroom with a tiny sink, a shower [...]

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SALTY IN THE MENTAWAI // Part 1 ~ The Getting There

Every cult has its mecca, that one place fanatics dream of experiencing with their own living soul. Surfing is no exception: Indonesia it is. In the last decade Indo has easily become the promised land for surfers and non-surfers alike, rapidly gaining popularity as one [...]

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Get present with your discomfort

For all of those moments that are pure bliss, bright and shiny, full of love and laughter, there are moments that are uncomfortable. The happy moments are welcomed, content we live in the present with them and cling to them from our past. I say [...]

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Why We Get Depressed After Coming Home From Travel

Photo Lex Weinstein As the plane started to descend I saw my home city appear below me. After almost a year of living on the other side of the world, Adelaide looked like a toy town, like something I could cup in the palm of [...]

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Salty in Ecuador : the Recap !

The Salty Souls just completed their first season Ayampe, Ecuador. Here, participant Ashley Dujlovic recaps the nine day experience. Sometimes it takes a week away with other strong, like-minded, and hilarious women to remind you that you are capable of anything. There are not enough [...]

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Life Without a Plan – Heading ‘Wherever’

I want to tell this story about when I was in my mid to late twenties. At the time I had been working as a manual therapist at Tyax and Last Frontier Heli-skiing for five years in northern BC. I would take a Heli from Vancouver [...]

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It’s Not About Being Fearless

In the last year alone, I have lived and surfed in El Salvador, climbed a volcano in Guatemala, travelled Europe and currently live and snowboard in Golden, BC. Where will I be in a year time? I don't know. And maybe that's why a few [...]

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“Do it. Do everything to change your life and leave. What are you scared of?!”

I slightly started to want a change in my life when I came back from a trip to Mexico in July 2015. But I denied it quickly and pushed these thoughts aside; thoughts I denied for way too long, thinking I might just want, or [...]

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Would You go to a Sober Dance Party? – Moonlight Dance –

The supermoon is out and i’m covered in sweat. We’ve been dancing for the past hour, all twenty of us women. And I mean, we’re really going for it. The ground is vibrating with the stomps of feet. We’re passionate, and it’s tangible. Limbs are [...]

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Hey Universe- Thankyou for not Giving me what I Thought I Wanted.

Feature Image: Alex Weinstein Exactly one year ago today I was an editorial intern at the largest independent women's website in Australia. And at the time it felt like the Single Most Important Goal of my Entire Life to be employed at the end of [...]

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The Power of Looking Silly (and not caring that you do)

I'm standing in a corner store in Nicaragua, trying to talk myself into buying a bottle of water from the lady behind the counter. "un botella de agua, por favor" That's all I need to say. I know it, I've rehearsed it, I've seen it [...]

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2 Years a Nomad – Redefining HOME, LOVE & PRIORITIES

Two years. It’s been two years now that I've been living with no fixed address (mostly in places where there is no postal service anyways). Two years of nomadism, spent living in 10 different countries. I can’t help but be reflective today… As i am [...]

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9 Days a Salty: On Body Image, Bonding, and Being a Beginner in El Salvador

A few weeks ago I hopped on a plane from Australia to take part in the first Salty Souls Experience for the season. And it is fair to say I came out a different person than I was when I went in. To try fit [...]

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Envision Festival: The 70’s are still alive…

10 months ago. I’m landing once more onto my favorite Island; Bali. I know I’ll be here for a quite a while this time and this is only day 1. I’m ecstatic. I remember that night so clearly. This homecoming feeling. The joy of getting [...]

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Marie-Christine on being in Ecuador During the Earthquake

Four hundred and thirteen people (at time of writing) have been killed and a further 2500 have been injured after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit coastal Ecuador around 7pm (GMT) Saturday night. Salty Souls co-founder Marie-Christine Amyot was about 160 miles from the epicentre in the town of [...]

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Costa Rica : Realizing that I’ve become THAT girl

Here I am, back in Costa Rica, 5 years later. It is always a funny feeling, coming back to a place where you’ve been before. Memories come back to mind. You think of who you were with, and how things were at that moment. It allows you to measure [...]

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The Salty Souls Experience: What Was it Really Like ?

It has become a habit of mine to embark on long trips to distant places, simply to displace myself, to uproot myself from home. I used to think that I left to escape, but now I realize that sometimes I just need to leave, to [...]

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MAROC: Tomber follement amoureuse

Photos par Michael Warchild prisent en 35mm J’ai voyagé dans plus de 25 pays différents dans les dernières années. J’ai eu la chance de vivre des expériences différentes et plus enrichissantes les unes que les autres. De me [...]

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Compétition de Kitesurf – Le Come-Back

Un come-back, si je fais juste me l’imaginer comme ça dans ma tête, c’est toujours un peu Rocky-style : la musique triomphante, la foule en délire,  le poing levé… dans ma tête, un come-back, c’est glorieux. Mais un come-back d’une blessure dont la période de rémission [...]

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6 Months of Mondays in Paradise – The Truth

Half a year living on the beautiful island of Bali. 174 days to be really precise. That’s 27 Mondays where I’ve woken up to a bright blue sky and the freedom to manage my schedule. And it’s also a big fat total of 0 days [...]

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Your Permission Slip to the Epic Life

Here at Salty we're about chasing the epic life. And chances are if you've landed here you share a similar yearning for a more fulfilling life but are awaiting some sort of sign or permission slip to get cracking.  Consider this your permission slip. Salty [...]

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Road-Tripping Solo in Australia

THE LONELY ROAD Indonesia and all its magic already felt like a simple daydream when I landed in Australia. I was on my way to meet a friend in Byron Bay and I had planed to stay there for a month. It was my second [...]

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Why Do We Really Travel? (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

On the outside, it looked like I was living the dream. But on the inside, I was falling apart. 4 months ago, in the midst of building 2 businesses, prepping my first TEDx talk, and working on countless other projects… I started to break down. [...]

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Letting Go

“Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past. Stop planning the future. Stop figuring out precisely how we feel. Stop deciding exactly what we want and just see what happens.” When I jumped on the plane to Indonesia, my first goal was to get lost [...]

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