“We have lost too many days chasing the wrong things… today is the day to make things right. Today everything can be yours.” -unknown

If someones profile is going to piss you off, don’t look at it.

Just don’t.

Mute or unfollow every profile that makes you feel like you need to be anything other than yourself

You don’t.

Turn off your notifications. Turn em off. Right now. If it’s a matter of life-or-death they’ll call you. Your brain space and attention is too damn valuable to just scatter it all over the place like $1 bills at a strip club. Spend your attention cashish wisely. Focus on one stripper at a time.

Be cheesy. Be cheesy as hell. Be extra. Go over the top with your love. We’re going to die one day. Who gives a shit. Kiss your person in public. Say sweet baby Jesus I can not believe you exist. If you read a movie review that calls a movie ‘corny’ fuck that review. The person writing that has an old, dried-out, shrivelled-up little sultana for a heart and thats no way to live.

Shopping malls are designed to make you feel insecure and weird and like your clothes are old are your skin is weird and something is missing, all so that you panic-buy stuff you don’t need that will only give you happiness for like 23-and-a-half minutes.

Don’t buy into it.

And look

I know you’ve got this hard-on for 2019

This idea of a clean slate, a fresh year, fresh possibility

The year you upgrade yourself and your life and become this sparkly, perfect version of yourself

And you don’t do any weird embarrassing dumb silly awkward things at all


It’s not going to happen


Stop trying to outrun yourself, damn it.

Stop trying to be anything other than yourself, anything other than human.

Lean into the shadows, the failures, the fuckups.

They’re not an inconvenience, a black mark on a fresh white sheet

That’s life, right there. The lessons. The grit. The substance. Welcome it all.

When you do that, you’re going to realize you can stop running

And the possibility is right here, leaning into exactly who you are, ahorita.


This year

Exercise because you fucking like it

Eat reasonably well because you love yourself so hard that you want to give yourself the gift of feeling good as you move through the day

Challenge yourself to learn, to improve, to grow, because you want to get to know yourself and what you’re capable of

Just for funsies


There’s no prizes for first place

Let your hands be still. Let there not be a task, always, something to achieve, always. Let moments come to you, sit in boredom without picking up your phone and watch the small subtle things that show up.

A smile you wouldn’t otherwise have caught.

A cute interaction between two strangers on the street you otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

A bird with sick-looking colours, a rainbow, a wave, a tree, the smile lines in the corner of your mothers eyes- whatever.

The truth


Now is it. Is all.

This year, make it the year you stop looking outside yourself for everything you want.

It’s here

It’s always been here.

Today, everything can be yours.

Happy 2019, bitchez!
Feature Image: Laura Enever