FEARLESS // The Story Of A Female Surf Photographer

Jinna Yang interviewed by Caitlin Creeper It's been three years since Jinna Yang quit her corporate job in New York City to pursue photography full time.  What started as a late-night, weekend hobby turned into her everyday career through a lot of sweat, hard work [...]

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Why i’m done with beginner’s shame… and you should be too

Why do we get so weirdly embarrassed when we’re learning a new sport or skill or craft? PERSON: “Are these your paintings?” US: ‘Ya… but like, i’m JUST STARTING and I haven’t had any OFFICIAL TRAINING and this is just a HOBBY, and these paintings [...]

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SALTY IN THE MENTAWAI // Part 3 – Surfing on Razor Blades

If you haven't read them yet, first read Part 1 and Part 2. Beyond the stormy boat ride and the wild pig BBQ, the real point to coming all the way here was obviously to surf impeccable waves. But we would be lying if we [...]

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SALTY IN THE MENTAWAI // Part 1 ~ The Getting There

Every cult has its mecca, that one place fanatics dream of experiencing with their own living soul. Surfing is no exception: Indonesia it is. In the last decade Indo has easily become the promised land for surfers and non-surfers alike, rapidly gaining popularity as one [...]

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Surfing: the sport of freedom? Not if you’re gay

Surfing: the sport of freedom? We often talk about how surfing is freedom, surfing is joy, surfing is an alternative lifestyle and a pure means of self expression. But many surfers still don't feel so free: surfers who happen to be gay. As the blog [...]

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Les limites, barrières du potentiel ou dompteuses de risque ?

Photo par Morgan Maassen Soyons respectueux devant le possible dont nul ne sait la limite - Victor Hugo En lisant récemment mon dernier exemplaire de Surfer Magazine, j’en suis venue à réfléchir au concept de frontières ou plutôt au concept de limites. Bien sûr, d’un point [...]

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Surfer mon ‘Home Spot’: La Nouvelle-Angleterre

Le ciel est sombre. L’air froid me fouette le visage tandis qu’un puissant vent offshore forme des vagues lisses et bien définies. Il y a à peine cinq courageux dans l’eau. Un set se profile au loin et vient assombrir davantage l’horizon. Je suis trop [...]

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For a Brighter Future: Surf Competition for Kids of Montañita, Ecuador

I grew up in a first-world country in a family that was financially, in a word, fine. We weren't the richest, but we never starved, and I always had access to as much water as I wanted. It is insane to me now how much [...]

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Why I Surf…

I surf because I need a constant adrenaline rush, otherwise I get bored. I surf because I love hearing my heart beat after a nice long wave. I surf because when I face my fears, I make myself proud. I surf to feel free. I surf [...]

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Salty in Ecuador : the Recap !

The Salty Souls just completed their first season Ayampe, Ecuador. Here, participant Ashley Dujlovic recaps the nine day experience. Sometimes it takes a week away with other strong, like-minded, and hilarious women to remind you that you are capable of anything. There are not enough [...]

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L’ULTIME liste de films de surf à voir absolument !

C’est le retour de la saison froide (du moins pour ceux et celles qui se trouvent dans l’hémisphère nord), et qui dit températures fraîches, dit aussi saison du cocooning, des tartes aux pommes et des feux de foyer. C’est aussi le temps parfait pour s’envelopper [...]

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Premier Titre Mondial pour Tyler Wright et John John Florence

photo par Cait Miers Autant chez les hommes que chez les femmes, une étape est encore à l’agenda du circuit de la WSL, mais déjà, les champions du monde 2016 ont été couronnés. Du côté des femmes, avec quatre victoires en poche, Tyler Wright est arrivée [...]

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Board Porn: 10 of the most beautiful surfboards on the planet

We don't know about you guys, but in our world, most of the surfboards we own are of the dinged-up and yellowing variety. So it's nice every once in a while to escape down the rabbit hole of Board Porn: images of surfboards so beautifully [...]

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Meet Brenda Centeno: El Zonte’s young shredder

This past summer I found myself in the tiny town, El Zonte, off the Pacific coast of El Salvador. I had spent close to a year living in the surf town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua a couple years before and left regretting not [...]

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Retour sur le Hurley Pro at Trestles et le Swatch Women’s Pro

15 septembre 2016 – Le Hurley Pro at Trestles et le Swatch Women’s Pro ont pris fin mercredi dernier sur les plages (plus ou moins ensoleillées) de la Californie. Alors que les vagues étaient au rendez-vous, c’est surtout l’élimination hâtive des leaders du circuit qui [...]

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Retour sur le Billabong Pro Tahiti

24 août 2016 - Ce sont dans des vagues généralement modestes que les amateurs ont pu assister à la 7e étape du circuit de la WSL tenue sur la célèbre vague tahitienne Teahupoo. La mythique gauche était au rendez-vous et les meilleurs surfeurs de la [...]

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Surf Competitions: How do they Actually Freaking Work?

A big part of the surfing world is the competitions. They're fun to watch, they connect us to our surfing idols and it's just cool to see people killing it at what they do best. But if you're new to the world of surfing, understanding how [...]

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Being a Professional Surfer from Ecuador – The Harsh Reality

When you think "professional surfer" images of hotels, a wide selection of boards, surf coaches and strict diets might come to mind. But picture this: some of the most talented surfers in Latin America sleep in their board bags on the beach and split one [...]

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9 Days a Salty: On Body Image, Bonding, and Being a Beginner in El Salvador

A few weeks ago I hopped on a plane from Australia to take part in the first Salty Souls Experience for the season. And it is fair to say I came out a different person than I was when I went in. To try fit [...]

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5 Things I’ve Learned From Six Months of “Serious” Surfing

1- It's all about commitment. I know what you are thinking now : "Oh yeah, tell me something I don’t know!” Right? Well, I wish I could tell you something completely unexpected, that I’ve discovered a shortcut, or else that you just have to put [...]

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