What’s the Surf Spot Series ?

It’s the favorite surf spots of the Salty Team 😉

When it comes to surfing, it’s never easy to pick the right spot, especially as beginners. There are so many and they all work better at different time of the year, with different swell direction, tides etc.  In this series, we will be sharing informations about those surf destinations we adore.

Montañita stole my heart 6 years ago.

This is where I fell in love with surfing and latin culture. Montañita is located on “La Ruta del Spondylus”, about 2.5 hours away from Guayaquil airport. It used to be a small fishermen village where a few surfers started to set camp in the 70’s. It then became more and more popular and nowadays, Montañita is one of the most touristic place in Ecuador and even South America. It is known as the capital of surfing in Ecuador and it has been listed in the top-20 best surf spots in the world by Surfing Magazine- we’re serious here !

For that reason, we now offer an epic 9-day surf yoga experience for women in Ecuador!

There’s a consistent beach break with sand bottom for about 2 km long and a rock-bottom right point break, called La Punta. Montañita is a great option for surfers of all levels, from beginners that can learn in the beach break to intermediates and experts that will love surfing both the point and the beach break. Since Montañita is a super touristic town- read: party town – there’s always a way to stay entertained between your surf sessions, and at night as the whole village becomes a night club!💃

Bienvenidos a Montañita! // photo: Israel Barona

Surf Spot type: Beach break with sand bottom and right point break “La Punta” with rock bottom.


From December until June.


  • Beginners should aim for mid to high tide for more mellow, slow wave.
  • Intermediate/advanced can surf at all tides: Low tide offers a fast & hollow wave, sometimes barelling if the conditions -offshore winds- and direction are good. Low tide works better at the point. High tide provides a fatter/slower wave and works for both; beach break & La Punta.


  • Beginners: 2 – 4 feet.
  • Intermediate: 2 – 6 feet.
  • Advanced: 2- 10 feet. The Point holds up until 10 feet. At that size, La Punta is the only break that works as the beach break is all closing out. If you’re lucky enough to see a day like this, you’ll be amazed by Mother Nature and how she can create such a beautiful wave machine.


North and Southwest


The view from within the water. // photo: Benjamin Rochette


  • La Punta is a juicy playful right that can be amazingly perfect! I still get goosebumps thinking of those epic days.
  • It’s possible to get cheap and nice accommodation just a few steps from the waves. I recommend to get accommodation in the “La Punta” sector since “downtown” Montañita can be pretty loud at night (Balsa Surf House, Arena Guadua, Rosa Mistica)
  • The locals are super friendly 🙂
  • It’s a tropical country- meaning: NO WETSUIT NEEDED! Yay !
  • There’s many options for food, and again it’s super cheap. The typical meal is rice, beans, patacones (fried plantains -fucking delicious), salad and fish or chicken. A plate like this is +/- 3$US. After a good session, it is the best!


  • Be careful for the rocks when surfing at the point, especially at low tide. Scars on my feet and legs can confirm.
  • Sometimes, it can be pretty crowded as it’s the most popular surfing spot in Ecuador and a very touristic town. My recommendation: Get in at 6am or if you’re like me and just can’t wake up that early, go between noon and 3 o’clock -also called “cancer hour”- so don’t forget to cover yourself with sunscreen and zinc.
  • Be careful on getting too excited with the party life- nothing worse than missing out on incredible waves because you’re too hungover 😜

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La Punta on a big day // photo: Enrique Rodriguez