Hey human!

As adults, it can be easy to get too deep into our own heads, and our own seriousness. With a saturation of ‘life coaching’ and ‘wellness’ people telling us what we should and should not be doing to be ‘spiritual’, journal like this, meditate like this, eat this, do this ritual, even our free time can start to feel like not-free time. Life isn’t meant to be serious all the time.

Working on ourselves doesn’t always have to be heavy work.

When we open ourselves up to play, to be silly, to be messy in the same way we were as kids, we open up new pathways in our brain, different ways of thinking and seeing the world.

So here I present to you the Salty Club Not-Journal Mini Journal, with a great deal of inspiration drawn from Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith (she is the original Don of the rad idea) There is no particular order in which to do things, you can do all exercises or just one, all in a day or 1 a day or 1 a week.

Download it, print it out, go wherever you’re called in the booklet, do whatever you want to do.

The sillier, the better.

The idea is to throw this thing in the bin after you’re done, because in life, nothing is permanent! So don’t worry about keeping it intact or in shape. Let’s have fun!

                             >>>> NOT-JOURNAL-MINI-JOURNAL <<<<