Finding yourself at home more than usual right now?

… Why don’t you do a DIY Salty Retreat at home? This post will show you how to do just that and leave you feeling centred, recalibrated, energized and calm again.

You will need:

  • A weekend or two-and-a-bit days completely blocked off just for you. If you can send the kids to your grandparents – do it! If you have roommates or live with a significant other- no problem, just let them know that these few days are just for you and you’re not really going to be available to them until you’re out the other side. Now is the perfect time for your partner to make plans with friends, and go do their own thing.
  • A membership to The Salty Club: you can sign up to the free trial free of charge and cancel your membership after your DIY retreat. Or, if you find you’ve fallen in love with the platform though, it’s just $9.99 a month thereafter. You will need this because this is where you will find your yoga videos, surf trainings, recipes and masterclasses for the retreat. Do that here.
  • A yoga mat
  • A jump rope
  • A journal
  • Candles, flowers, good music and any other ambient things that set a mood and feel good to you.
  • Ingredients – we have included suggested recipes for the entire weekend. You will find all of these recipes with their full ingredients and preparation instructions in The Salty Club.

The recipes are:

– Coconut wild salmon

– Tofu scramble

– Kale green smoothie

– Lean Green machine soup (enough for 2 dinners)

-Portobello mushrooms

– Hummus

– Spinach pancakes

-Veggie burgers

You can scan the Salty Club nutrition page and swap out any recipes you prefer. Its best to do all your grocery shopping beforehand so you don’t have to think about it



~  Friday night ~

* Times can be adjusted depending on your eating, sleeping and moving schedules.


Start with a healthy dinner. We love the Coconut Wild Salmon recipe in the Salty Club by Taylor Godber.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Waiting time: 20 minutes

If you’re wanting a meat-free weekend, head to the ‘nutrition’ section of the Salty Club and hit the ‘main course’ filter.

*Add in any other veggies you like, anything goes!
*Enjoy as is or serve or brown rice, quinoa, or rice noodles.

Coconut Wild Salmon


Take a shower, or if a bath is available to you, have a bath. If flower petals are available to you, (like, hanging over your neighbours garden fence so you can snap a handful off) sprinkle them in the bath, or any other oil or soap that smells good to you. Get fancy with your sweet self. Light a candle that smells dope, get some music playing that really feels good, and take your time washing the week off your body. Imagine yourself sloughing off this weeks frustrations, expectations and disappointments. Imagine the outside world getting further and further away and the volume button going further and further down on everything outside. These next few days about you.


Get your yoga mat and find a calm, quiet space. You will do the Body Scan meditation by Erika Drolet, which you will find in the ‘Yoga‘ section of the club, under the ‘meditation‘ filter. This is a great way to drop in and talk to your body before the few days ahead. It will awaken you from your head to your toes, through the different power points of your body. Get ready to radiate from the inside out!

Duration: 19 minutes.


Get your journal and find a quiet, comfortable space that feels good to you. Spend some time thinking about what you want this weekend to be about.

Is it about reconnecting with yourself?

About trying to relax a bit more?

Is there something you’re wanting to move toward, or away from, but are feeling blocked? What is it?

How are you feeling about taking a weekend for yourself? Guilty? Excited? Naughty?

Spend some time free writing answers to these questions.

Come up with some affirmations that you’re going to tell yourself throughout this weekend. If you feel guilty for taking the time away from people who need you, or from ‘real life,’ it could be something like ‘I deserve to take time to recalibrate and recharge. I fill my cup first so I can serve those around me with the overflow. This is the most important thing to be doing right now.’ If you’re going through a particularly emotionally turbulent time in your life, it might be ‘I give myself permission to ride the waves of whatever comes up for me.’ Through this journalling exercise give yourself full permission to use this weekend for what you need it for.


Turn off your phone. Crawl into bed for an early night.

~ Saturday ~

Wake up without an alarm. To give a layout we are using times but these will change depending on your natural wake up time, for some it will be 5:30am, for others, 11!


Morning flow 06 with Erika Drolet. In this practice we’ll be focusing on the HEART. Maybe by now you’ve been feeling some guilt for being self-indulgent with this little retreat. But the thing is, you should never feel selfish for following your heart. You’ll discover why at the end of the practice!

morning vinyasa video


Kale Green smoothie. Find this recipe in the ‘Nutrition‘ section of the Salty Club. As you drink your smoothie, pull out your journal and get ready to do some free writing.

kale green smoothie

Even if you don’t think you have anything to say, just start writing, write that; I feel kind of silly and I don’t know what to write but whatever okay here I go.. you’ll be amazed at how a sentence will follow on from that, and from that.

We journal to show ourselves to ourselves, to catch the thoughts spinning in our brain and put them on paper. The idea is to clear a bit of mental space for the day ahead. Sometimes it will be silly and obscure and sometimes you’ll feel like you’ve just eased a huge emotional weight. Let it flow.

Once you are satisfied and feel somewhat emptied, think for a minute and write down three things you are grateful for. They can be simple, to ‘I appreciate my pinky toes’ to ‘I appreciate the fact I woke up healthy this morning.’ Don’t think too much on it. The first thing that comes to your mind.

Revisit your affirmations from last night. Say them to yourself out loud, three times.


45 minute walking meditation

Science has confirmed that walking awakens creative ability. It also gets you outside amongst the elements, gets you a breath of fresh air, and gives your feet and your mind a chance to just… wander. Get out and around your neighbourhood or drive somewhere that inspires you and just go. Make a note to be curious and open to the sights and smells around you; a funny shaped tree, an exchange between a cute couple you see, the interesting shapes the clouds make over your head.


Breakfast: Tofu Scramble, find this recipe in the ‘Nutrition‘ section of the Salty Club.


It’s time to find somewhere comfortable with your journal. As things simultaneously wind down and speed up for the holiday season, December is a great season to sit down and check in with ourselves. These journalling exercises are designed to help you figure out who you are now, what you want (and don’t want anymore) and where you’re headed in 2020. So get your coffee, tea or water and take your time answering any of the following questions that call to you. Allow about an hour and a half, with breaks to stretch in between. If you want to keep going longer, go for it, if you feel like you’re done a lot sooner, that’s okay too.

Get the journalling exercise here


Lunch: Portobello mushrooms, find the recipe in the ‘Nutrition‘ section of The Salty Club.


Your first surf training! Grab some water, get on your workout gear, pull your yoga mat outside (if you can) and prepare to give it your all.

Format: HIIT

Equipment needed: Yoga Mat and Jump Rope

Duration: 26 minutes

Training you will be doing: Daily Fix- Full Body Workout ~ 26 minutes. Available in the ‘Surf training‘ section. Exercises, circuits and number of reps can be adapted to your level- i.e DO WHAT YOU CAN. If you’re unsure how to modify to suit your level, email us at – we’ll help you.

online HIIT workout video


Lean Green machine soup

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Waiting time: no waiting time

This recipe serves six, so save enough for dinner tomorrow night too. Will keep in the fridge for 5 days fresh or you can make a big batch and freeze the leftovers.

Dessert: (if you feel like it)

Tofu brownies.


Bed, phones off.

~ Sunday ~


Rise and Sweat workout. This quick 9 minute workout will get your heart racing and your mind in the right space for the day. This is the last day of your mini retreat! Give it everything you’ve got!

HIIT online workout


Meditation: Fuck it, the art of letting go. Find it in the ‘Yoga’ Section under ‘meditation.’ duration: five mins.


Kale green smoothie and journal time. Start with a twenty-minute stream-of-consciousness writing session. Again, don’t overthink it, just put pen to paper and let it flow. Then take some time to think about how your body is feeling after a day of eating, moving and writing to nourish your soul? How does your heart feel? Your breath?

Write down three things you’re grateful for. Revisit your intention from yesterday. Has your intention stayed the same? Has it shifted? What is your intention for this, your last day of your at-home retreat?


Mindful 45 minute walk. Same instructions as per yesterday, but this time we invite you to listen to the podcast by Danielle Knight in her Masterclass ‘How to make a life that fits your soul, not the mould.’ You will find this in the ’empowerment’ section of the club, because when you return you will be doing her masterclass! If, however, another title of a masterclass grabs your attention and heart more, feel free to move in that direction.


Breakfast: Spinach pancakes


Find a comfortable spot somewhere and bring your journal. Make sure it’s a space that feels comfortable, expansive and inspiring. If you need to light a candle or play some background music, do it, take some time making it a space you love.

Now for the next few hours, complete the journalling exercises in your chosen Masterclass



Veggie burgers- find recipe in ‘Nutrition’ Section of the Salty Club.


Yoga, “let’s be soft” Yin.

Close off the weekend and slow it down in this 39 minute practice. “You don’t have to be fire for every mountain standing in front of you. You can be water and soft river your way to freedom too.”

Let’s be soft– Yin yoga video

online yin yoga video


Dinner – Lean green machine soup (again. Cuz leftovers are the BEST!!!)

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Hoping you feel renewed and you’ve rejoice in this beautiful self-care week-end <3

With love,

The Salty Team xo