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The Salty Souls team is a growing community of women who aren't afraid of getting wet, sweaty or salty. Who left cities and belief systems behind to build a new, epic reality on the wilder side of life. You can follow our adventures @thesaltysouls

How to Train According To Your Menstrual Cycle

How did the USA women’s soccer team win the World Cup in 2019? Cycle charting. I read this in a news story soon after the Women’s Football World Cup and was truly astounded! ⁣ I’m sure a lot of other aspects came into but I [...]

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Why sleep is more important than diet or exercise

Did you know, most of the time people have cravings- it's a sign that they’re just tired. Did you know if you have a poor nights sleep, you’re more likely to have a poor memory the next day, because you didn’t give your mind a [...]

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Your at-home DIY retreat

Finding yourself at home more than usual right now? ... Why don’t you do a DIY Salty Retreat at home? This post will show you how to do just that and leave you feeling centred, recalibrated, energized and calm again. You will need: A weekend [...]

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Top 10 All-Female Surf Movies

Keep the stoke alive with some epic surf flicks with some of the best female surfers on the planet. These are our top ten picks. Soon we’ll see you again Mama Ocean, soon. Get your girlfriends to hit ‘play’ at the same time as you, [...]

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Meet our *NEW* Salty Club chef Taylor Godber (+ FREE Watermelon Ceviche recipe)

"Consciousness starts by taking care of the vessel we do have: what we feed it, literally and energetically (our conversation with ourselves). How does food make you feel? what foods make you 'feel' good?" -Taylor Godber *scroll down for free watermelon ceviche recipe* We first [...]

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Meet Jenny Troeber: founder of Boundless Betty

Meet Jenny Troeber, founder of Boundless Betty. Her mission is to encourage, inspire, empower and ease accessibility for all women into outdoor adventure sports. Where did your passion for action sports begin? I think that I have mostly my dad to blame for this! He’s [...]

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Les Salty Souls dans la série Surf Inc. de Ouisurf

L’automne dernier, Benjamin Rochette, fondateur de Ouisurf, nous a proposé de prendre part à son nouveau projet: Surf Inc.  À travers une web série, on présente le parcours de 10 entrepreneurs qui ont choisi de s’expatrier afin de mettre leur passion au centre de leur [...]

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Stuck for what to buy your loved ones this Christmas? We got you.

Christmas has become a very capitalist-driven enterprise that pressures us all into stressfully buying a bunch of crap for our loved ones to prove our love for them. We want to stress that buying gifts is not a necessity to express your love this time [...]

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SALTY IN FAR AWAY INDONESIA // Part 3 – Surfing on Razor Blades

If you haven't read them yet, first read Part 1 and Part 2. Beyond the stormy boat ride and the wild pig BBQ, the real point to coming all the way here was obviously to surf impeccable waves. But we would be lying if we [...]

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SALTY IN FAR AWAY INDONESIA // Part 2 ~ Life à la Robinson Crusoe

If you missed it, read: Part 1- The Getting There  THE HABITATION We had settled into a modest land camp at the southern tip of the island. Six ocean front rooms with flower pattern mosquitos nets, a disproportionally spacious bathroom with a tiny sink, a shower [...]

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SALTY IN FAR WAY INDONESIA // Part 1 ~ The Getting There

Every cult has its mecca, that one place fanatics dream of experiencing with their own living soul. Surfing is no exception: Indonesia it is. In the last decade Indo has easily become the promised land for surfers and non-surfers alike, rapidly gaining popularity as one [...]

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Burned-out at 27: What Happens When You Fall Off the Carousel

I’ve been a Grey’s Anatomy fan since forever, way before I went to medical school. I remember watching all first three seasons in a record-breaking short amount of time and thinking I wanted to be Meredith Grey. Now, let me clear the air before I [...]

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We Ask Women Killing it in Their Field: What Was Your First Job? (Part 2)

They're killing it in their field now- but everyone has to start somewhere! Here the girls of Salty, June and Gemsita spill: what was their first job?! Marie-Christine Amyot Co-Founder Salty Souls Experience "I was fifteen and I remember I had made about fifty copies [...]

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Salty in Ecuador : the Recap !

The Salty Souls just completed their first season Ayampe, Ecuador. Here, participant Ashley Dujlovic recaps the nine day experience. Sometimes it takes a week away with other strong, like-minded, and hilarious women to remind you that you are capable of anything. There are not enough [...]

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The best Christmas Gift ideas – from the Salty team

For that person who has eyeballs ~ BAMBOOLIFE SUNGLASSES ~ Inspired by nature, Bamboo Life creates beautiful eco friendly eyewear hand crafted from sustainable bamboo & wood while protecting your eyes from UV radiation. And the best bit, use the code SALTY15 at check out for 15 [...]

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Janne Robinson’s Five Daily Habits for Maximum Confidence

>> Come vibe with us & Janne Robinson this Winter in El Salvador (Special Edition) Janne Robinson takes slabs of her heart and shares them with the world for a living. That's how she describes her day job. Her poems are raw and gutsy, with titles [...]

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