In honor of Mother Earth, we must ask ourselves: how can we clean up our eating habits for the planet? How can we support a harmonious ecosystem, a natural food system that provides so much for us and asks for nothing in return?

The direction in which Big Ag (large-scale agriculture; and a close sibling to Big Pharma (pharmaceuticals)) is going – it will only continue to wreck havoc on our food systems. From the depletion of topsoil, the degradation of lands, ocean acidification, the mowing down of biodiversity rich forests, the pollution of waterways and everything pesticide laden waste comes in contact with, including people – the list goes on.

“The truth about our current food system is a
lonely rabbit hole, a dark one.”

The disturbing adverse impacts of GMO (genetically modified foods)  are widespread and includes producing a significantly lower nutrient density in foods, along with a myriad of other potential complications that come from messing with the DNA of an already thriving organism. And then there is the environmental impact: the harm caused from shipping these foods across oceans and countries in gas-guzzling delivery trucks, the impact on innocent-bycatch marine life wrapped in nets and bags, birds with bellies full of plastics from our food wrappings, and farmed fish packed full of antibiotics. The truth about our current food system is a lonely rabbit hole, a dark one.

The thing about expanding one’s knowledge vs. living with the ideology that “ignorance is bliss,” is that while it’s both jarring and upsetting – staying in this place of in-action doesn’t do a darn thing to create action towards a better future.

We will not solve these issues overnight; they didn’t happen overnight – but we can be a part of Big Change. This starts by shifting daily habits, being mindful that what we eat does impact the stress put on nature as a whole. How empowering is it that we have the chance to create change at every meal! For the love of the planet and all its inhabitants -the birds, the bees, the rivers, the seeds, the fungi, the plants. the animals, the humans – let’s make change, one fork and one dollar at a time.

1. Say NO to the straw.

The animals will thank you. If you like to sip your bevies buy yourself a pretty glass straw or metal one to keep with your cutlery set. Learn more about what we can do about ocean plastic pollution here. 

2. Say YES to pesticide-free foods. 

Not only do chemicals sprayed onto food leach into what we are eating, but they also run off into rivers and oceans and negatively impact surrounding ecosystems.

3. Support regenerative farming.

This type of agriculture works with nature versus against it, leading to an increase in biodiversity, better water retention in soil, rebuilding top soil (increase in CO2 being pulled out of the atmosphere), more nutrient dense crops…the list goes on.

4. If you can, reach for regenerative farmed meat.

 No new news here, factory farmed meat, dairy, eggs, wreck havoc on the environment and the in-humane treatment of animals and workers is not okay. If your body calls to be a carnivore, invest in the above or learn to catch your own.

5. Vote with your dollar.

Yes organic, regenerative options cost more money, but the more we buy these products the lower the costs get and the environment, animals, people, and planet will thank us for it. We do have the power to make change!

6. Shop at the market or order online.

Whenever you can, avoid single use plastic bagged items. Invest in some reusable ones for bulk purchases at the grocery store, shop at the local farmers market or order online if they don’t bag everything.

7.  Use your voice.

Join a local initiative that has their finger on the pulse for bigger reaches to your local government to demand change to take care of our planet. Such as: @protectourwinters @changingtidesfoundation.

8.  Cook at home.

Avoid the excess of packaging which often isn’t recyclable. Make bigger meals and portion them out, so you have easy grab and go food to sustain you for the next day or two. Find a tonne of easy, healthy recipes to cook at home in the Nutrition section of the Salty Club.

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