Eco-anxiety refers to anxiety or worry about the biological threats facing the earth. This is definitely a very new phenomena that many of us are facing. It is seen as a typical reaction to a growing awareness of the problems that can result from climate change and other global threats.

When you think of “the environment,” what picture comes to mind?

A “wild” and “untouched’ natural place? What we may imagine when we see a romantic painting of a mountain range at the dawn of spring. Or a photo of a remote tropical jungle island: free from humans, and seemingly pristine. This view of the environment is actually a common and problematic misunderstanding. Because, the environment is everything within and around us. It’s the beetle crossing the path of a constructed building in search of food. It’s our inner gut flora. A swallow and its nest in a high rise. It’s a carbon rich swamp on the outskirts of a city. Our brain chemistry as we enter the ocean to surf. 

The environment is all-encompassing and comes in a great diversity of forms, all of which are continually interacting and impacting each other. This is what makes this topic endlessly interesting.

We are part of the earth, not separate from it, and for this reason, every single thing we do impacts our inner environments and the outer environment – which we share with billions of other biotic and abiotic beings and forces. Our entire existence and every living moment is underpinned by the web of life on the planet. Our every action impacts this web for better or for worse.

We now find ourselves in an era that’s defined by climate instability and increasingly severe environmental issues.

Because of this, establishing ways to make a positive difference has never been so essential.  

Now is the time for us to use this time constructively to deepen our awareness, advance our effectiveness as citizens and/or activists, to show up more for each other and the planet, and use this forced pause as a global reset for reaching equilibrium. It’s also important to note that how we get involved is circumstantial: just as we see with social and ecological justice issues, it’s compromised individuals who are and will end up suffering the most from the COVID-19 virus.

Additionally, it’s a privilege to have a safe home to self-isolate in, to have a large enough house to socially distance in, to have clean water to wash our hands, to afford sanitation – many people in the world do not have these luxuries or the gift of extra time. For those of us who have privilege, it’s our responsibility to use our hours constructively and strategically to learn about and find out how we can contribute to regenerating the planet.

While we manage this current crisis, the climate and environmental crisis are still burning down our doors and flooding our porches.

I would like to share a quote by Noam Chomsky:

“Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so. So if you assume there’s no hope, you can guarantee there will be no hope.”

So you might be reading this and feel a little pang of anxiety or think ‘what can I do?’

In my new Masterclass for the Salty Club I will answer exactly how to do that. The Sustainability and Regeneration Masterclass has the ability to give folks a foundational understanding of the environmental movement, sustainability, regeneration and essential insights to consider as we evolve down our path as changemakers.

This Masterclass will help us move beyond what I call a “shallow environmentalism” to a deeper understanding of this movement, understand the root causes of persistent issue and learn how to spark true long-term systemic change.

Through the audio portion of the Masterclass, you’ll also learn about:

  • personal lifestyle transformations as well as how you can contribute to system change
  • how both strategies play a part in the environmental movement.
  • You’ll also learn about how privilege and access shapes people’s ability to contribute to activism
  • You will learn key terms of this work, including environmental justice, environmental racism and intersectionality.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the issues we’re facing
  • You will gain an understanding from the incredible victories that have been won for the environment
  • You will learn what we can learn from these wins.

From the journal portion of the Masterclass, you’ll:

  • Complete exercises that will help you solidify what you learned from the audio section.
  • You’ll also learn about the three pillars of environmental inspiration. I’ve developed these for you to implement in your life to 1. build active hope 2. soothe eco-anxiety and 3. increase your ability to go forward in a bold way as an engaged earth citizen.

You can access it >> HERE <<

Taking this class is also paramount at this time, as we find ourselves in an unprecedented global situation that is coloured by the planet’s pandemic and our response to this growing public health crisis. This crisis is both a cause and a reflection of the state of imbalance on the planet, and is yet another wake-up call for us to change our extremely unsustainable lifestyles and systems: to rapidly lower consumption, to instate environmental justice, to invest in a low-carbon economy, to address widespread pollution, and work towards climate stability. 

The Salty Club and myself could not be more stoked for your participation in the Masterclass; hearing your thoughts and answering your questions!

Just note, this class not only has the ability to help you change the world. It has the capability to also help you live more authentically. Happier and more connected to this wild and wonderful world. 

We are all unique. And we all have individual gifts we have to offer the planet.

It’s in finding and identifying these gifts, we work to raise the quality of our own lives and we are connecting to our source of power. Our journeys to sustainability will look different, but they’re following the same vision; to create a healthy, thriving, equitable planet.

Right now we are in an unprecedented situation with the pandemic. And I think this crisis is both a cause and a reflection of the state of imbalance on the planet. It’s yet another wake up call for us to change our act.

Now is the time. A lot of us are at home, and we can use this time constructively to deepen our awareness. We can advance our effectiveness as citizens to show up for each other. We can use this forced pause as a global reset for reaching equilibrium. Our involvement is circumstantial, but if we have the ability to take responsibility for others who cannot, for all the beings we share the planet with, for future generations, everyone.

There has literally, and I mean literally, never been something so important in collective history. You and I, and everyone on this planet, we are the chosen ones of time, to make this happen, to turn this around, and I feel that we will.

And we will never be forgotten for it.