Mindfulness exists in everything that we do, such as how we move our bodies, how to speak, how we listen, and how we eat. This concept of being more present, also lends to the train of thought that when our attention is focused into the here and now we don’t miss the magic of the moment. Some beliefs, with respect to food, suggest that we are actually better able to reap the benefits of what we are eating when we slow down and eat with intention; digestion is more optimal, vitamins and minerals are better absorbed. Here is a collection of tips to help teach you how eat more mindfully for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1. Turn-off the Screens

No cruising Instagram or watching t.v. If you are sharing a meal with someone else, this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with them as well. 

2. Slow Down

Take a bite. Put the fork down. Chew. Only pick the fork back up once you have finished with the last bite.

3. Give Thanks to the Abundance of Food

Take a minute to share an expression of gratitude inside your head or aloud. To have food on the table is something to be very grateful for.

4. One Thing at a Time

Sit down when you eat vs. eating something while running around. We get it, life can get busy, but slowing down allows the body to switch over into a state that supports more optimal digestion.

5.  Set an Intention

 For example: May this food provide nourishment and energy, so that to all systems in my body can run optimally, and so the connection between my mind-body-spirit can continue to be clear.

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