Why sleep is more important than diet or exercise

Did you know, most of the time people have cravings- it's a sign that they’re just tired. Did you know if you have a poor nights sleep, you’re more likely to have a poor memory the next day, because you didn’t give your mind a [...]

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Intuitive Eating

Trends aren’t limited to fashion, there seems to be a new vogue when it comes to diet and nutrition every other month — keto, vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, high-carb, eating for your blood type, intermittent fasting — it’s hard to keep up. What works for one [...]

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How to Eat Mindfully

Mindfulness exists in everything that we do, such as how we move our bodies, how to speak, how we listen, and how we eat. This concept of being more present, also lends to the train of thought that when our attention is focused into the [...]

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