How to Hydrate

Drink more water. We all know we should, but most of us don’t. The algorithm depends on many variables for just how much water each of us needs such as exercise intensity, the climate of where we live in, diet etc. Very roughly speaking the [...]

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How to Support Your Immune System

Knowing how to support your immune system is so important. The immune system in a sense is like a team of bouncers at a club (our bodies being the venue/hosts). Better yet, they can be compared to a highly trained S.W.A.T. team when the system [...]

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How to Grocery Shop Efficiently

Grocery shopping can be daunting. Learning how to grocery shop efficiently can save you time and money in the year ahead. Here are few strategies to shave time off of running around the aisles and standing in line: 1. Make a plan. What are you [...]

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Saltiness in Moderation Outside of the Sea

Salt when it comes to food is one of the most common condiments to be found, tied closely with pepper, on our dining tables. It’s a dash of flavor we crave in our food. And it plays an integral role in the optimal functioning of [...]

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How to Eat Mindfully

Mindfulness exists in everything that we do, such as how we move our bodies, how to speak, how we listen, and how we eat. This concept of being more present, also lends to the train of thought that when our attention is focused into the [...]

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Plant Based Proteins

One of the most common questions asked when going plant-based is: how am I going to get enough protein? Especially those that are active in action sports (like surfing) or athletes. Many food guides suggest about 0.8 g/kg of body weight. So for instance a [...]

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15 Ways to Work While Traveling

Written by Matthew Kepnes Don’t have enough money to go traveling? Think you can’t save enough in your current situation to realize your dream of traveling the world? Well, you are wrong. The perception that travel is expensive keeps many people from embarking on a journey [...]

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