Implementing new habits goes hand-in-hand with a solid routine, along with the environment we set up for ourselves. Nutrition wise that looks like planning out our meals and what we choose to put in the fridge and pantry. The real test to our dedication to health-first food choices is when we are dining out. How do we stay true to fueling our bodies with whole foods when the truffle fries and carrot cake are jumping off the menu page? Keep reading our tips from our Ordering From The Menu Health Hacks nutritional guide below to learn how:

1. Opt for healthy menus

Set yourself up for success by dining-in or taking-out at restaurants that have an ethos of serving healthy whole foods. Baked yam truffle fries and organic carrot cake sweetened with maple syrup do exist.

2. Go baked or steamed

Avoid deep-fried foods, no explanation necessary.

3. Modify your sides

Double up on the veggies instead of an empty-calorie side.

4. Switch up your sauces

Substitute mayo for an add-on of avocado on a sandwich or burger. Go with a vinaigrette for your salad instead of traditional ranch.

5. International cuisine

Not only are Vietnamese pho & Indian curries bursting with flavor, but they are usually loaded with an abundance of veggies too.

6. Sushi health hack

Skip the rice that is usually loaded with salt and sugar and go with sashimi. Bring your own braggs soy-alternative sauce too or ask if there is a low-sodium soy sauce option.

7.  Sharing is caring

If the portions are ginormous, ask for a container and split it up before you eat yourself into a tummy ache. Or share the meal with a friend.

7.  Pizza health hack

Ordering pizza, consider asking for 1/2 the amount of cheese and adding extra veggies.


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