Did you know, most of the time people have cravings- it’s a sign that they’re just tired.
Did you know if you have a poor nights sleep, you’re more likely to have a poor memory the next day, because you didn’t give your mind a chance to heal itself, for the traffic to clear.
Did you know sleep is where you consolidate your psychological, emotional and physical equilibrium.
Did you know, gains don’t happen in the kitchen first, or the gym first. If you don’t have an appropriate about of rest, you won’t see gains anywhere.

Did you know there are four phases of sleep? There’s:
1. The ‘nap’ phase: where you’re not really asleep, you’re in between this awake state and almost sleeping- some recovery happens in this stage, but barely any.
2. The second phase is where you start to recover your body first- muscle soreness, aches and pains start to heal and whatever waste the body produces starts to clear.
3. The third stage is for mental stuff, if you’re super stressed, this stage of sleep is where your mental side starts to find equilibrium.
4. The last stage of sleep is the emotional/ psychological stage- a stage of deep sleep that helps heal the emotional / psychological equilibrium.Sleep is the first medicine; it is where the body optimises itself. It is so important that a third of our life is spent in bed. Sleep is where you consolidate everything; it’s when you sleep that information organises in your mind. Ever experienced poor memory after a poor nights sleep? That’s because you didn’t give your mind a chance to clean itself, for the traffic to clear.

If you don’t sleep a good amount of hours a night, you’re never going to get it back in your life. Netflix? There’s always tomorrow for that.

Can you get to sleep earlier tonight?

All information by @max5powers, from his recent interview with @caitlincreeper for the Club. You can listen here on Spotify  or directly on the Salty Club >>