Why we need to see more nudity and naked bodies.

When was the last time you were fully naked in front of someone?
When was the last time you bared it all without apology, without explanation? Without manipulating how you were standing or lying so parts of your body appeared a certain way?
When was the last time you let yourself be fully seen?

The truth is, we don’t need less nudity around us. We need more of it.⁠

We need to see real texture of a woman’s skin; the stretch marks, the pimples, the discolouration, the asymmetry, the fat deposits. We need to see these things over and over. Until we understand that the markings and shapes of our less-than-airbrushed flesh are not flaws. They never were. And the ideal we continue to be force fed through filters – doesn’t actually physically exist.


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We exist. Sweat, salt, blood and skin. Shiny foreheads. Open pores. Pigment. Hair. Scars. Stretched skin, scarred skin. Skin that proves a woman lives inside here, and that woman lives a life full of stories.
Maybe you’re not ready to see these human markers as a gift, proof of a life well lived so far, an artwork to be admired from all angles. That’s cool.

But at least we need to get to a point where we can recognize what a body doing a normal body thing looks like.

Let the next generation see nudity as natural, as innate, as simply what it is. 

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Featured Images: Human Body Studies by @katjahnm