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Janne Robinson takes slabs of her heart and shares them with the world for a living. That’s how she describes her day job. Her poems are raw and gutsy, with titles such as ‘This is for the Women Who Don’t Give a Fuck‘ and ‘I Will Never be a Well Behaved Woman.’ She writes, coaches, mentors, and swears- a lot.

We sat down with her to talk about the top five things she does to maximise her confidence and sense of worthiness, and how you can do it too:

1. Bless yourself first

“Often in the mornings I’ll have this urge to jump into my emails and social media— before I have even gone surfing or started my day” Janne says.

“The other day my surf coach suggested a ‘bless yourself first’ morning routine. When I told him I often started my days in my phone he was like Why would you do that? In the morning when you first wake up, you have this beautiful, gorgeous chi energy–the day is starting. Fucking savor that, be in it.’

And I love that. So today before I went online or ran out the door I just took that moment and had a tea and did my morning exercises—I blessed myself first.

Number one is to create that time for yourself first, before you begin operating with/for the outside world.

It’s about creating an essence of knowing that our wellbeing and self care [is important] and prioritising ourselves. It could be a fifteen-minute reading and coffee session in the morning, or just getting up that little bit earlier to have that time for yourself in some way.

Don’t run in the morning, take some time.”

2. Take the time to physically move your body

“For me, I practice yoga or surf I would say six days a week, sometimes I do both in a day.” Janne says.

“And I do those things not because I give a fuck about what my meat bag looks like, but because it grounds me.

When I come out of the ocean my eyes are sparkling. I feel like I’m reborn. There’s negative ions swirling around in the ocean. When they hit your bloodstream it releases serotonin, that feel good chemical, so it releases anxiety and stress. If you start your day in the ocean you’re gonna go fucking kick ass.

So, every morning, take that time to move your body.”


Photo: Ali Kaukas

Photo: Ali Kaukas

3. Implement mega boundaries

“Have mega boundaries. Boundaries with literally everything. I believe that anything in life can usually wait. I have pretty good boundaries with my email now, but not always.

People in that entrepreneurial mindset think they always have to be there, available, and think ‘this opportunity is going to pass’ unless we shit and breathe with our faces glued to our phones.

Let’s say Tampax or Dove contacts me and they have a $60,000 deal for me. They want me to be on a plane tomorrow and it’s going to be really great and look super cool on my resume and they are ideal corporate candidates for collaborations. Well, I might not be on my email for two days and to be honest, fuck Dove or whatever company is contacting me so last minute. My time and energy is important and you can at least give me two months to get ready, because I need a Visa, I need to book tickets, I need to be rested, I need to prepare.

There’s this whole mindset of always being available, whether this is in the context of business or always being available to our friends, to our families, to our relationships. We need to have boundaries. We don’t always need to be available. It’s okay if we turn our phones on silent and leave them in the car and go to yoga for two hours and take space.”

learn to surf

4. Spend time to work on your internal world

“Confidence is not something you get from the outside. And I mean outside by buying nice clothes, dying our hair, losing weight or having a sexy Jeep. If I’m having a day where I feel really insecure, I don’t go look to my mum or my new partner that I’m dating to affirm that confidence. I’ll jump on a call with my coach and be like ‘fuck, man, I’m feeling really insecure today and need to check in.’

I’ll get some kind of support, whether it’s someone facilitating for me, taking a course, reading a book. I’ll spend some time to really nurture and love myself–the internal pieces.

It’s vital to derive our strength and confidence from the work we do within ourselves rather than from the outside world.”

Photo: Ali Kaukas

Photo: Ali Kaukas

5. Effective time management

“I believe how we do one thing is how we do all things.”

“Worthiness is just love at the brute of it. It’s just love and belonging. Being mindful of our time management enables us to be loving to ourselves, and show up as the best version ourselves, to be grounded.

Some examples are: creating the time to prepare meals to love our bodies so we have energy and feel good throughout our day, creating space to get a massage or get get acupuncture. We need to understand it’s possible to move through our days with grace and intention.

We need to operate from a place of prioritizing ourselves first.

So I ask myself, how do I show up for my life?

We get to choose. We can wake up late because we hit snooze too many times and not have breakfast. We can be really hungry for our first meeting, and feel like shit and not be able to show up for work. And then run to the next thing and not have lunch packed so we don’t eat lunch.

Or, we can sleep properly, give ourselves physical and emotional self-care.

My main three things are food, sleep and self-care. If I don’t get those, I’m absolutely fucking useless, not only to myself but to my clients, my friends, my family, my boyfriend. So it’s about doing things with grace and intention and love and really being aware of those pieces.”

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Janne Robinson is a writer, poet, coach and entrepreneur living in California. You can follow her Instagram here and Facebook here.

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