For that person who has eyeballs


Inspired by nature, Bamboo Life creates beautiful eco friendly eyewear hand crafted from sustainable bamboo & wood while protecting your eyes from UV radiation. And the best bit, use the code SALTY15 at check out for 15 % off! You’re welcome.



For the yogi


Jade Yoga mats first got our blogger Nat Snyder’s attention after a friend recommended them for those sweaty, slippery hot yoga classes that can slide you out of your pose. Aside from their functionality, these mats are eco-friendly and produced in the US, and some of their mats donate a percentage of the proceeds to a designated cause. The best mat for all types of yoga is the Harmony mat. $5 is donated to ovarian cancer charities with every Teal mat purchased, $5 is donated towards autism causes for every Saffron mat purchased and $5 is donated towards breast cancer charities for every pink mat purchased. Our personal favorite is the Saffron!


For the girl who likes her jewellery… But still wants to get wet! 


Twenty Compass is a Montreal-based business that creates quality bracelets and necklaces made of natural gemstones. Inspired by their travel stories, landscapes, textures, colors, experiences and amazing people they meet along their way, they create unique pieces that will take you around the globe… and the best bit… They’re waterproof ! No more surf-rusted rings and necklaces.

twenty compass

For the beach bum


June Swimwear is for the girls who surf, kite surf, practice SUP… And all the others who aren’t afraid to get their hair wet! Better yet, they’ve just dropped their bangin new line in time for Christmas! We, let’s be honest, never go a day without our June on.

june swimwear

For that special guy or girl in your life


Our friend at Plenty are putting into clothing the essence of our Canadian roots, with apparel made for the outdoors and inspired by the snowboard, skateboard and surf industry. The products are crafted to last and accompany you in your adventures & your daily thoughts from the cities to the mountains.

plenty humanwear plenty humanwear


For the naturalist


As a single mom who cares about what goes in and on her child’s body, Robin Luck refuses to use products that are filled with chemicals and preservatives. So she started making her own skin and body care products, and from there Ecuador Organics was born! EO’s purpose is to create quality organic skin and body care. With all the toxins in the world, EO wants try to keep your skin and bodies as healthy and organic as possible.


For the friend who doesn’t want anything

~ Help children in El Salvador get access to better education with a DONATION TO CONTEXTOS ~

Between 55- 70% of 1st-3rd grade students read far below the grade level with limited comprehension of text. Contextos is working to change this, building public libraries and supporting many schools in El Salvador. They have writimg programs and complimentary reinforcement for teachers. For the perain who doesn’t want anything, why not give back to the children of the country so many of us have fallen in love with- you could change a child’s life!




And what about the most important person in your life… You! 2017 is the year to level-up your life, bust through those comfort zones and throw yourself into experiences that make you feel ALIVE! Why not treat yourself to yoga, surf and whole new tribe of soul sistas in Ecuador this winter? You can grab one of the last spots here. If you can’t swing a South American adventure, be sure to check out our online boutique – grab a tank top and be with us in spirit!

salty souls experience