Keep the stoke alive with some epic surf flicks with some of the best female surfers on the planet. These are our top ten picks. Soon we’ll see you again Mama Ocean, soon.

Get your girlfriends to hit ‘play’ at the same time as you, it’s time for a movie night.

Top 10 All Female Surf Movies:

1. Bethany Hamilton: UNSTOPPABLE

Bethany Hamilton: UNSTOPPABLE tells the story of surfer Bethany Hamilton, who at age 13 was out surfing when she was attacked by a 15-foot tiger shark, a run-in that cost Hamilton her left arm. But not only did Hamilton survive the attack, she was back on the competitive surfing circuit just a year later. More than a decade later, Hamilton, now a mother, undertakes her greatest challenge: chasing a toddler and the biggest wave of her career. Bethany Hamilton: UNSTOPPABLE is the untold story of the heart of a champion and her resilience against all odds to become one of the leading professional surfers of our time. Bethany Hamilton is a real life Super Woman of our times.

2. Surf Girls Jamaica (Extraordinary People Documentary)

Surf Girls Jamaica focuses on Imani Wilmot, an inspirational Jamaican surfer who uses the sport as a means of transforming the tough lives of the women around her, in Kingston and surrounding areas. Imani has harnessed the power of surfing to empower these women through training camps which bring women together to learn the mindful art of riding waves. This develops self-motivation, entrepreneurial spirit, respect for the environment and a deep sense of community. Globally, Imani has taken it as her personal responsibility to empower women of colour to have access to surfing and see a place for themselves within the global surf industry.

3. Leah Dawson Might Save Women’s Surfing

“My biggest compliment is not that I surf like a man, but that I surf like a woman,” says Leah. “If someone watches me ride a wave, I want them at the end of it to know that I’m in love with the ocean.”

Dawson is also a storyteller. She makes compelling short films like Peanut Butter, a story about her relationship with a yellowed single fin that a lot of people might have thrown away. And she has a strong opinion about the representation of women in surfing. It’s not about sex. It’s not about performance in the water. For Leah, it’s about soul – another word so thoroughly bastardized from overuse that it’s sometimes hard to recognize when we see it. In Leah, it’s boiling. And she’s not militant or overzealous about how she’s profoundly adjusting the narrative in championing women’s surfing.

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4. Steer With your Heart: A film from the Voyage of Swell

“My voyage was born out of passion to surf the world and find a way to live lighter on the planet. And this film was created thanks to collaboration and support from loving friends and companies. I hope it inspires you to hear the callings of your heart.” –Captain Lizzy

A raw, touching documentary about Captain Liz Clark’s decade-long voyage aboard her sailboat, Swell, in search of remote waves, new friends, and how to live in better harmony with Mother Earth.

5. Lakey Peterson – from 0 to 100

Filmmaker Aaron Lieber takes us around the world in this inspiring journey that charts the rise of one the most progressive women in surfing today. 2012 US Open winner, Lakey Peterson, provides an intimate window into her life sharing the struggles and triumphs she has faced along the way. Breathtaking cinematography and a killer soundtrack, make Zero to 100 unmissable. A true tale that will have you laughing, crying and doing push ups by the end.

6. Leave a Message

In 2011 Nike released Leave A Message. This all-women’s surf movie combines some of the hottest female surfing outside of the competition circuit and creates a truly progressive vision of what surfing can be. The collection of talent and beauty features Carissa Moore (HI), Lakey Peterson (CA), Laura Enever (AUS), Coco Ho (HI), Monyca Byrne-Wickey (HI), and Malia Manuel (HI), delivering groundbreaking aerials and long barrels with a message that transcends well beyond the lineup: this generation of surfers has changed their sport.

7. Alternativa

 In Summer of 2018, The Inertia traveled to El Salvador with Kassia Meador, Leah Dawson, and Lola Mignot, three outstanding women who are inspiring the next generation of ocean lovers through their alternative approach to both surfing and life. Each has developed a strong voice as a leader in surfing, and managed to do so on her own terms. They ride the boards they want, spearhead projects that speak to their passions, and keep their eyes peeled for interesting ways to engage that fascinating nexus where surfing and the rest of the world collide.

8. Coco Ho Documentary – A Look at the Famous Surfer’s career

Dive into the colorful story of female surfer Coco Ho from Oahu’s North Shore and learn how she got started surfing, her rich surfing family history, ups and downs on the Championship Tour, and everything in between. Including exclusive interviews with brother, Mason Ho, father, Michael Ho, and world champion surfers John John Florence and Stephanie Gilmore.

9. Alternative Lines: The Faces of Women’s Longboarding in 2018

“There’s a huge void in the market for shooting women’s longboarding right now so I’m glad this is what I get to do. I remember watching the “Lady Slide” segment in Thomas Campbell’s “Sprout” and becoming obsessed. Yet I have to admit, I was slightly annoyed that those few minutes were all I really had to reference in women’s longboarding. It was a huge catalyst in why I bought my first camera to shoot.” The edit above is a short edit filmed with some of her favorite moments from the last year, all cut to the fresh sounds of another female creative, Leanne Curren. Enjoy.

10. Getting Better at Canada

Hanna Scott, one of Canada’s top Female surfers, and her friends Tatum Monod and Sara Taylor, set out by boat to a remote location outside of Hanna’s home town Tofino, BC to explore the rugged wilderness in search of surf and escape. We experience the journey alongside the women as they playfully navigate the frigid waters and rugged conditions, in pursuit of the joy that lies on the other side of discomfort.

COMING SOON : Laura Enever- UNDONE (To be released in 2020)

Professional surfer Laura Enever , 26, was born and raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia. As a 2x World Junior Champion, Australian Champion and Pro Jnr Champion, Laura had an amazing junior surfing career and has gone on to compete on the WSL Women’s World Tour for 7 years, consistently finishing in the Top 10.

With results to show that she is one of the worlds best female surfers, Laura has also made a name for herself showing a fearless approach in big waves and waves of consequence, making her one of the most exciting and influential female surfers of this time. Laura has now gone on to compete on the Womens Big Wave World Tour.



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