For all of those moments that are pure bliss, bright and shiny, full of love and laughter, there are moments that are uncomfortable. The happy moments are welcomed, content we live in the present with them and cling to them from our past. I say get present with your discomfort too.

Uncomfortable in those hot, sticky, bug swarming nights, quivering alone under the sheets as the house shakes from a thunderstorm in Central America. I am present.

Uncomfortable when you paddle out as a beginner, stoked you made it, totally naive, no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into and you’re staring at what looks like a 10-foot set in the face. I am present.

Uncomfortable when you make choices to follow your heart then your head realizes all of the implications and your monkey mind takes over. I am present.

Uncomfortable when you move back home give away all of your things to embark on the next adventure with no money to your name. Societies pressure weighing down on you and you’re not convinced it’s going to work. I am present.

Uncomfortable when you get to your destination and literally have nothing except for your car held together by duck tape and dreams. Isolated, alone, afraid, no idea what’s next. I am present.

That discomfort should be felt. Feelings good or bad are a reminder that you are alive. Feel the blood rushing through your veins, hear your mind playing games, sense your body get tense and protective. Then breathe. Breathe deep and shake it out. Move your body, stretch, surf, dance whatever. Sing, scream or scribble onto the pages of your journal. Get out of your head drop into your heart. Keep making those uncomfortable choices and keep moving forward with your life.

Live fully in every moment, dance all over the line of discomfort and stay open to possibilities. Know that the weight on your chest and the butterflies in your belly are testing times to be followed by a lesson. You are growing and it is uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable, vulnerable, messy and in every way just as beautiful, wild and exciting as the good times.

Where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be in every comfortable or uncomfortable moment. The chaos of the journey is what creates a rich life experience. Those moments filled with unique emotions are all yours. Own them. Own your uncomfortable.