Do you remember the last time you felt an absolute moment of bliss ?

You know, I’m sure you do, of those moments where the world stopped spinning for an instant.

In that moment all the dots seem to connect. Every focal points that creates our inner and outer reality are finding alignment, converging into oneness.


Those are the moments we remember ever so clearly, the day and its time, what the air felt like. Smelt like. All very particular details. They leave a mark in our bones and flesh. They shift our constitution.

by Jenavieve Belair & Dylan Gordon

Someone once told me that meditation, for its power of channeling all energy in one specific point of the mid-brain, has the power to modify our DNA. Our fucking DNA… Well, those moments do the same.

Bliss is your eyes locked in his / hers. Like being inserted into a power outlet. Two circles with an infinite depth. A memory without any sound. Just absolute presence. 

Bliss is arms wrapping you entirely, holding your whole universe. The weight of his body, the heat, the heart beat. Time stops when someone holds you longly without moving, without leaving.

Bliss is a deep, loud and very long gale laughter. Totally uncontrollable, almost unbearable. Your body going into spasms and your eyes spilling out joy. A moment that still makes you smile when you think of it, making it very hard to tell the story to someone without laughing your ass off before saying a word.

Bliss is a moment between sea and sky where the perfect waves comes out of nowhere and hits your precise position, everything happens in a split second, and suddenly you are ridding the wave of your life, time goes into slow-mo, your are perceiving every single drop of water, the curve and motion of the ocean, you are in perfect union with nature, dancing with the divine.

Mentawai Islands, August 2017

Bliss is a moment where after your practice, or your training, or your dance, lying there on your mat, in perfect stillness, feeling like a doorway just opened. You’ve cracked the code. Out of body experience. Straight up connection to source. Jumping into the stream of energy that operates beyond physicality.

Bliss is reaching the top of a mountain that was rather challenging to climb and being rewarded with a breathtaking view and the most refreshing breeze flowing through you. The embodiment of the word “accomplishment”. Altitude making you feel ‘’high” and this uncontrollable desire to scream and roar to the top of your lungs. YAAAASS.

Bliss is an incredibly beautiful man that walks into the coffee shop where you are sitting and you stop breathing for a second, or ten.

Bliss is diving into refreshing water on a bloody warm day.

Bliss is fingers touching your skin in such sweet manner that your whole body shivers.

Bliss is the moment your mouth reaches the surface after having been held under water for what felt like forever.

Bliss is both sunset and sunrise. It’s watching a gigantic moon rise over the ocean. 

Bliss is those moments of complicity, of understanding one and other with a corner look and smile.

Bliss is the moment you realize you are sitting on a plane taking you back to your favorite place on Earth.

And of course, I haven’t forgotten ; bliss is orgasm and the minutes that follow, still pressed into each others body.

Bliss is moments where we realize our aliveness and we indeed, all live for those.


At last, my thought it that we should take the time to document those special moments. Where were you ? Who with you ? What details made it memorable ? …

How amazing will it be to revisit a notebook full of the most blissful life moments ? I’m on it

Featured image : Mentawai Islands, August 2017, by Fiona Peters