Ok dude.

Let’s get this clear.


What is it?

Gravity pulling you down at 9,81 m/s2? Falling down the stairs? Falling off a twenty-storey building? Or even falling in love? (yeah, that one can mess you up real good too.)

Falling also sounds like failing, doesn’t it?

It is communally associated with pain and cray cray ideas like:

  • breaking your face
  • looking dumb af
  • “OMG you’re bleeding!”
  • BAM you’re dead

…So dramatic. Yes, it can physically, mentally hurt you. But it should not scare you.

One time, I was sitting at home, studying physics. I turned a page of my book and cut my finger- ouch! But did I stop studying? No. I did call my mom later and bitch about it (and I did quit studying physics eventually… but that was just ‘cause I realized I hated it.)

What I mean by this stupid example above is: if falling was such a big deal and so painful, we would never even walk… right? You should allow yourself to fall EVERY DAY.  And if falling is a synonym for failing for you, then fail. Fail hard. Fail three times doing the same thing.

Don’t just sit there and watch the world go round.

How can we stand up?

By falling.

And you probably don’t even remember that time in your life where you learnt to stand or walk. Why? Because it WAS NOT that traumatic. By falling, you’ll find your balance, which is key to success in all aspects of life. You may only find that balance for a little while before you lose it again, but damn- you’ll feel like you’re flying.

Some of us spend so much time sitting in our comfort zone, ‘cause we’ve all experienced some kind of pain once in our lifetime and we’re scared of falling again.

But aren’t you feeling restless in that seated posture?

Aren’t you bored out of your mind?

Doesn’t it hurt you to sit still for so long?

Yep, yep, and yep fuck this too.

So my message for you today is: get the fuck up. Go get scared. Take a chance to to fall. Break out of your fears- it’s a useless madness. Don’t wait for anyone to pull you off your ass- do it lone wolf style.

And if you’re scared because you think nobody will be around to give you a hand to get up after a fall, don’t be. You’ll meet someone on whatever that journey is who will.

And if not, trust your gut; you’ll end up finding your own balance.