About Gracie Martinez

Gracie is the head chef for the Salty Souls Experience retreats, destination Ecuador. Cooking, surfing and traveling gets her most excited in life. She gets suuuuper exited when she's about to travel to a different country, explore, get to know new cultures, people, new waves… she grows a little every time I go to a new place.

Cabbage, Tofu and Sesame Salad

This cabbage, tofu and sesame salad is a huge step up from your standard tomato-and-lettuce salad combo. The blend of textures and flavors will have you coming back for seconds every time. ↠ Ingredients ↞ 1 package of rice noodles ½ cup of toasted peanuts [...]

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Vegan chocolate mousse with aquafaba

↠ Ingredients ↞ Makes 4 servings 1 can of chickpeas 1 cup of aquafaba* 1 tsp of lemon juice 1 cup of dark (70% cacao) vegan chocolate Splash of milk (optional) *What is Aquafaba? Funky word isn’t it!? It's the viscous water in which the chickpeas [...]

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