↠ Ingredients ↞

2 cups mushrooms, cleaned and chopped. (Ideally freshly foraged or picked up from the market)

Yellow onion, 1/2 medium, diced small

Garlic, 3 cloves micro-planned or minced

Extra virgin Coconut oil, 1 tbsp

Thyme, 3 tsp (de-stemmed)

Himalayan salt, 1/2 tsp

Ground pepper, 1 tsp

Balsamic glaze, any flavour to drizzle on top

Micro greens or any greens to stack on top for visual and nutrition.

As well as green onions, if you are feeling it.

↠ Method ↞

  1. Heat coconut oil in pan on medium heat.
  2. Clean mushrooms if need be and chop into dime size pieces. Prep onion and garlic as well.
  3. Heat onion until translucent, about 3 minutes.
  4. Add mushrooms, garlic, thyme, salt, and pepper, cook on medium heat for 5-7 minutes.
  5. Pop a couple toasts in the toaster.
  6. Top the toasts with mushroom medley.
  7. Stack a big hand of greens on top of it all and green onions.
  8. Drizzle with balsamic glaze. Enjoy.

*Any greens will lend well on top of the toast for a nice fresh hit of greenery. The option to wilt them for the last 2 minutes of cooking the mushrooms is always a great idea too.
*Micro-greens are a fun alternative too, especially if hosting a dinner, they add an extra artistic touch.
*Go keto or gluten-free if you want to use the appropriate bread or bread alternative.

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