Is this a dessert? Is this a breakfast? Well, actually, it can be happily be both! Nutritious enough to be a kick-ass breakfast jar, but delicious enough to ease your sweet tooth after a meal. It is honestly addictive 😋.

↠ Ingredients ↞

1 cup cottage cheese
2 tbs. cacao
1 medium size banana
3 heaping tbs. of ground panela (unrefined whole cane sugar)
2 heaping tbsp of chia
1 heaping tbsp cacao nibs


↠ Method ↞

1. Place the cottage cheese, cacao and panela on a blender and mix well until combined.
2. Then add the banana and chia and mix again until combined.
3. Place on a 350mL jar, add the cacao nibs on top and refrigerate for two hours before
eating. You can also leave it over night and enjoy for breakfast.

Images: Shelby Neufeld

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