Booking the flight

Airlines track when you’re interested in a flight, so if they see you going back to it a few times they’ll keep bumping up the prices. Cause they’re slippery little snakes. Beat the system and always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to see the lowest prices.

Accumulate miles beforehand with your simple every day purchases. Read how founder Erika Drolet does it here.

Apps like SkyScanner and CheapOAir will compare millions of flights across hundreds of budget airlines to find the cheapest flights possible.

When you pack

Have you ever seen packing cubes? Sweet lord. Recently my friend who had being travelling around Asia for four months, then Europe for 3, came to visit me.  After she watched me attempt yo scoop up the explosion of my clothes from my floordrobe and shove all my stuff back in my backpack with horror, she opened her pandora’s box to a whole new way of packing. Cubes. Neatly packed cubes.

“This is for my dresses.”

“This is for my shorts.”

“This is for my dirty stuff.”

“This is for the stuff I’ve worn once so can wear again.”

Packing cubes. Get onto it.

Mark your bag as ‘fragile.’

It’s more likely to be handled with a bit more care, and chances are you’ll get it back quicker because it will be at the top of the pile.

Rent a fake return ticket

If you’re heading off on a big backpacking trip, chances are you don’t have your return flight yet, but many countries require proof of onward travel to even let you on the plane. The best thing to do is ‘rent’ a legit ticket from sites like One Way Fly for 24-48 hours for as little as $10. You give them the dates you want to pretend to be leaving, select your departure and arrival country and then pay the fee. When your ‘itinerary’ arrives, save it and show it at check-in if they ask for it.


Having the Airbnb and apps on your phone means you can book your next nights accomodation in seconds, without having to get out of bed.

Interacting/ getting around

Get your phone unlocked and get a sim. In most countries, a local SIM card and a few gigs of data are the cheapest thing ever and we’ll surely give a lot of independence. And also make you feel that bit more secure.

To get around and actually communicate with the locals, apps like DuoLingo will help you learn a few necessary words and phrases before you go.

If you’re already there, download the Google Translate app, then go to Settings and choose “offline translation” so you don’t need to be in range of a wifi connection every time you interact with a local. (Cause if you’re travel in the kinda places we usually travel, it’s not gonna happen.

online yoga

Can’t travel right now? Do an at-home retreat with the Salty Club


It is non-negotiable travel law that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. I also strongly believe that if you can’t bring your mindfulness with you, you shouldn’t really bother embarking on your adventure at all. Some stressful situations are inevitable when you decide you want to see the world. We may have intentions of gaining higher-perspective experiences, but we do live in a world of delayed flights, smelly seat neighbours, long queues, contingencies and plans that go awry. In these times it’s easy to get frustrated… like, i’m on holiday! From the second I check my bags at the airport, I want instant gratification from then on, all the time, dammit!

I might not know much but I know for absolutely sure, if you’re in this headspace, you’re gonna have a bad time.

I truly believe the cure for any travel related stress is mindfulness and perspective. So your plane was delayed a few hours. It’s not ideal, I know. But this time a hundred years ago, your fourteen-hour flight would have been this long ordeal on a ship, lasting months to get from place to place. In that light, what is a few hours, really? You can try it with anything. Prepare some affirmations for when times get tough… when you’re uncomfortable and out of your element, when you’re homesick, when you’re prickling with frustration. Remind yourself that you wanted this and you want ALL the experiences that come with this, because it’s from both the good AND the bad that you grow. Remind yourself that you’re safe and blessed. And your comfortable life back home is exactly where you left it, waiting for you if you so wish to return. And about those annoying unexpected queues or delays? That’s what audiobooks, podcasts and meditation apps are for! See it as a blessing and watch how your whole experience changes. Trust me.

Quick-Ninja Maths

Iron + Tin Foil = Quick hostel room tortilla press for quick grilled cheese sandwiches.

USB port in back of hotel TV= phone charger

Empty tampon box / lip balm tube = cash holder

Cup or toilet roll core + phone = amplifies sound = instant portable music speakers

Shower cap + shoes = keeps the crap from the bottom of your shoes off your clothes

Your butt + floor outside airport club lounge = apparently if you sit near enough airport club lounges you can catch some free wi-fi goodness.

Rubber doorstop wedged under door from inside = extra security.