Love will always find its way back

Love will always find its way back to you.

It doesn’t matter how long ago you lost it, or how dark you think the path to your heart is.

That’s the thing about love, it will always find a way.

Maybe in a different form, relationship, hobby or touch.

Maybe it will look nothing like the love you knew before but maybe you will love it even more.

So please remember that love will find you again and again.

It may leave , but it always finds its way back to you in the end.

The greatest gift

Maybe the most painful things in this life are the greatest Gifts . But also
Maybe not – maybe this is bullshit and you are rolling your eyes because you know
pain is brutal.
and how can a scalpel slicing the heart open ever create anything but rivers of blood that tug at your sleeves and
Scars that climb your throat
Like tree roots
That threaten to strangle
Each time you breathe.
Pain is brutal ,
This you know.
Maybe the greatest gifts come without sparkly paper and a giant bow .
Bullshit ?
Only you know.

It was you

I want to slip into your bed tonight . Sliding under the sheets .
Wrap my arms around you. Tight . Make me feel complete .
I always wondered how you were able to sleep in utter darkness . Unafraid . But I figured it out .
You have light within you.
Heaven , homemade .
An ache . And a longing .
I don’t think will ever go away.
I want I need I yearn and crave
Your energy ,
send me a tsunami . A massive tidal wave .
There is medicine in the unshakable and magic in the calm .
I should have known.
It was you ,
It was you all along