Mantra’s are nice and feel good and all but sometimes all that light and sparkles needs a bit more grit to feel like me. Here are ten no-bullshit affirmations to turn your average day around. – Caitlin

1. I fiercely love and champion myself, exactly as I am, right now. I do not need to do more, be more or have more to be worthy of mine or anyone elses love. I love myself and all that I am, irrevocably and unconditionally.

2. What other people are doing with their lives has sweet dick-all to do with me and my journey. I release the ties of envy, jealousy and comparison I have unknowingly let take hold of me over these years. My turn is coming, at exactly the time that is right for me, in the way that is right for me.

3. Everything is perfect as it is right now. I am more than capable of handling all the fuckery currently being thrown my way. I got this.

4. I’m a golden ray of MF light and I don’t let anyones neg vibes poison my sense of self and badassery. I choose who I let in and out of this bubble.

5. I define who I am. Not my job title. Not my boss. Not my relationship status. Not the numbers in my bank account. Not my suburb. Not my society. Not that dude over there. I have total authority over who and what I am and what I am worth. And I am worthy of love, happiness, safety and peace. Always.

6. I release any expectation of perfection from myself. My life is not Instagram. My relationships will have conflicts, my work will have stress, sometimes the reality of my life will fall short of grandiose expectations. This does not mean I am broken or doing it wrong. It means I am gloriously, ferociously, wildly human on a glorious, ferocious, wildly human experience. Fuck yeah.

7. I am safe, I am taken care of, I am brave, and I am loved. With every step I take, the earth rumbles in my power. I have angels walking beside me every step of the way (even if they facepalm at my life decisions often) and the universe has my back. Let the world try me. I will eat it whole.

8. I am not too proud to admit when I fuck up and I am not too anxious to forgive myself and let it go. If I hurt someone, I apologize, learn from it, and move forward. If I screw up at work, I make amends, I move forward. I always allow myself to move forward.

9. I see rejection as a necessary lesson in resilience and trust. Rejection, closed doors, and ‘no’s’ aren’t bad. They are rich, and necessary, and good. I welcome them as guiding lights to show me what is and what is not for me. Not every goodbye is a loss. I thank the universe for helping me clear out the crap and make space for the good. Always

10. Abundance fills every facet of my life. More is coming my way still. I will never not be looked after. I will never not have enough.

Feature Image: Emmanuel Rosario for Somewhere Magazine