Our book club has a little something different to report today – the release of a captivating collection of stories and advice from a former traveler and business owner, Ryan Spiegel. We’re excited to announce the release of “Travel Deeper – A Globetrotter’s Guide to Starting a Business Abroad”.

My relationship with Ryan started when I was traveling through San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. What began as a common traveling friendship grew into a business relationship after we had both returned to our homes in the United States. The difference was I ran out of money and Ryan sold his successful hostel.

Ryan approached me with the opportunity to work on this project with him, and after spending so much time in Nicaragua, I loved the idea of anything related.

Ryan started out like every one of us. He traveled in countries from Argentina all the way to Australia and mostly anything in between. He spent the time backpacking, going to school, spending time with his friends as well as making new ones, and like all of us, falling in love with the lifestyle.

After settling down with a desk job after graduating college, all Ryan thought about was getting back on the road and how to make the lifestyle a reality. He spent the next year saving his money and drafting the business plan he had been thinking up for years.

He never knew exactly what he was doing, but he was driven and determined. His book goes over story after story of the mistakes he made and the lessons learned from each of them. Their intention is to help the reader gain a perspective of what opening a business abroad can include and the type of issues one might encounter. At no point does Ryan say he regrets his experiences as he urges the reader to pursue his or her business aspirations despite a few inevitable hiccups.

This book is for everyone who has set foot in a different country and felt a connection so strong, it makes you wonder how you could ever leave. The opportunities are out there, the advice is in the book and the choice to take the leap is yours.