Meg has been doing her internship with us in Ecuador, specifically, working alongside Ariane in the kitchen to bring the troops delicious, nutritious foods. Here, she tells her story. 

I’ve played soccer and competitive sports since I was five. It was through playing competitive sports in high school and university that I became deeply interested in the human body, how it operates, how it responds to physical stress, how it benefits from exercise rehabilitation.

Initially I wanted to become a physiotherapist to help athletes with acute injuries, so I spent the following five years after high school working on my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Psychology. I absolutely loved the information that was thrown at me, and dove right into the various layers of our anatomy and physiology.

After much volunteering and work experience as a kinesiologist within the clinic settings of physios, chiropractors, and occupational therapists, I realised this direction lacked a certain… passion for me. It was then I knew I would have to pursue a direction which sparked more of a fire within me.

Hi I’m Meg ! / Photo : Dominique Granger

“Creating in the kitchen and using various nutrient-packed foods was already an interest of mine, but I was getting confused when trying to piece together all of the information on the internet.”

I couldn’t shake this feeling that there was a deeper root cause to the challenges people have with their bodies (especially chronic imbalances.) I started to feel this calling to find a way to help these people on a deeper level. I didn’t know how yet, I just knew that was the direction I wanted to go. I found IHN (Institute of Holistic Nutrition) and decided to enroll for January 2015 in their 2-year part time program.

Marie-Christine and I met through friends in the summer of 2011, and from then on I was able to observe through Facebook the development of Salty Souls. Her and Erika were creating an incredible company, and I truly admire each step they took in order to pursue their own passions.

Halfway through my program in January of 2016, I booked a trip with Salty Souls, based in El Salvador! This experience opened my eyes to many new possibilities of where I could take my skills in nutrition and the body, and how I could travel with my work in the future. Marie-Christine, Erika, Ariane and Dom were amazing hosts.

I began to realize that there were more people who were also curious and striving to find that conscious level of connection. I will never forget the shifts that took place on that trip, and how they have continued to positively influence my life today. I never thought the next year I’d be in chador again, this time cooking alongside Ariane to complete my 100 work experience hours!

“Food and plants have incredible potential to increase quality of life.”

Holistic nutrition drew me in because it focuses on creating and discovering a unique healing process for each individual rather than a one-track healthy eating protocol for a larger population. When working with clients it’s amazing to observe that there are multiple avenues and types of therapeutic diets that work successfully for one person, and cause major discomforts and symptoms within another!

I would like to encourage people to develop an understanding of the incredible potential food and plants have to increase their quality of life. We do not have to be in discomfort, and with patience one can heal not only their physical imbalances, but emotional and psychological ones as well. I can’t wait to share this excitement for self-healing with others and to watch my clients become empowered by their own decisions!

Photo : Israel Barona

“Knowing that we have the ability to heal ourselves and choice over what we consume is so empowering.”

Instead of radically or perhaps periodically altering one’s food choices for the ultimate goal of weight loss and/or detoxification, something I would like to help people consider is to gradually introduce new alternatives, and after noticing the benefits of these individual changes one may begin to slightly shift their perspective and develop a respect for the foods they are eating. Once this shift begins to happen, tuning in and listening to the body becomes easier, and other goals may be reached without even realizing it!

I’m a firm believer that patterns and routines are easier to create gradually and with patience. Knowing that we have the ability to heal ourselves and choice over what we consume is so empowering!

Photo : Dominique Granger

“I feel that this age is where we need to start educating if we want the next generations to develop somewhat of a connection and respect for themselves and their planet.”

Working with the Salty Souls Experience has peaked my interest in collaborating with retreats and cooking healing and delicious food for people around the globe. In six weeks I learned so much more than I had expected, and I hope to continue expanding that knowledge very soon. I hope that my future holds as much travel as possible. Heading back to South America to explore is very high on the list! Iceland is up there as well.

I have a love for working with young kids, and am working on developing program ideas that will get them excited about cooking and growing their own food. I feel that this age is where we need to start educating if we want the next generations to develop somewhat of a connection and respect for themselves and their planet.

After a few years I hope to go back to school to become a Registered Herbalist and pursue my passion in learning about medicinal plants in North America, and hopefully elsewhere around the world too. I’m kind of turning into a herb nerd.

The best piece of advice I ever received was a very small piece, but it was powerful for me. It was simply the word ‘trust’ and nothing else.