13 Affirmations for radical body love

feature image: @magsymooo


Our brain is usually talking to itself all day, at all times. So often we assume the self-talk is automatic and innate. But when was the last time you held an ear up to the voices and asked yourself what kind of messages you’re sending yourself? Are they kind? Are they loving? Do they make you feel brave, confident and loved, or small and unsure?


Affirmations are a good way to infuse some self-love into that self-talk. Write these on a post-it and stick it on your mirror, write it on your hand, write it in the notes section of your phone. And repeat the ones that call to you, often.


1) I am safe in my skin. I am home


2) I thank my *insert body part here* for *insert a way that body part helps you every day* (for example, I thank my strong legs for helping me move around in the world. I thank my arms that let me hug my loved ones)


3) I am beautiful simply when I decide I am. And I decide now. And every day for the rest of my life.


4) I choose my body fully. In a line-up of 1000 bodies, I would choose mine, every time. It is perfect for me, and it is mine.


5) The beach gets whatever body I give it.


6) I shower myself with radical self love and acceptance. In doing so, I set an example for the next generation. May the next generation be raised by women who love every square inch of themselves. For when a woman is not ruled by self-criticism, she can change the world. And this is the gift that lingers long after we are gone.


7) My weight is not my worth. It never and it never will be. 


8) I own myself completely.


9) Food is fuel, not a punishment. I eat whichever foods call to me, without guilt or judgement. I trust my body to tell me what it needs


10) I allow myself to take up space in the world.


11) I honor and adore where I am, exactly how I am. I choose to be here. I choose this moment, in this body, in this skin.


12) I release my contract with the endless societal pursuit of the “perfect body.” I conform to my on. I do not warp or shrink myself to satisfy others. I call all my power back to me now.


13) Pleasure is my birthright. I listen to what my body desires, what she needs. I ask for what I need from lovers. I am unashamed of my desires. I am unashamed of my body. I am unashamed of my sexuality. And so it is.