That shit is fucked.

We say that “in the end, only 3 things matter:

How much you’ve loved

How fully you’ve lived

How gracefully you’ve let go of the things that were not meant for you.”

This nomadic lifestyle, I’ve chosen it, as others also did… We’ve chosen this life of adventure, of freedom, of constant change, with no fixed tomorrows.

We didn’t really see it coming. We just followed what felt right. And then here we are : realizing we’ve been walking down a one-way road; There is no going back.

No going back to what we used to hope for. No going back to any notion of normality. No going back to our vision of how limited (now unlimited) our possibilities are.

We can’t settle for less than anything that sparks a fire in our soul anymore.

We’ve chosen a life of intensity.

…And when things don’t excite us anymore, well, we move on.

Anyhow, what the true issue is, and what fucks with our heart so much, is the kind of relationships that come with this lifestyle. The temporary. The shooting stars. The detachment.

Is there ever gonna be that one person that would stop us from running around?

A person that can make us stay? A person that will stay for us? A person with whom perhaps we’ll choose to keep running away together?

Are we EVER gonna find someone who we just gonna connect with on every level? A guy that will go: yep, you’re absolutely amazing, woman. And I don’t need to look further… And that WE WILL FEEL THE SAME ?

Someone with whom we will be able to plan a lifetime of adventures?

I am the only one who, when meeting a new beautiful man, always secretly asks herself : Hum… Could he be the One ?!?!

It is driving me crazy now to think that he could just be HERE or ANYWHERE (or nowhere) on this planet… How do we know?

And honestly I would go. I would go wherever with you, If you’d ask me to. That is what we are willing to do. That is the freedom of this lifestyle.

But fuck, you’ve got to show me love. You have to be willing to walk that path. Prononce the word “commitment” in your head 10 times without shitting your pants. And maybe I actually need to do the exercise too!

You guys should know that we girls very rarely do one night for that one night. It does happen, don’t get me wrong. Girls do, sometimes, just wanna have fun too.

learn to surf

Be most of the time, if I do allow you to enter my private garden, it is because I saw some potentiel in you. It is because I would go for dinner with you. I would like to see you again. I would like to at least share breakfast with you, and see from there.

I would like to hear that you care. That you chose me. That we didn’t end up together by default.

Because in my case you should know that I have chosen you. And I would choose you again if I could.

Why on fucking earth is there no place to say those things?

Too often, it seems like this is just not a socially acceptable thing to say…Because the other will run away. It seems like there’s never a place to say: I want you. I need you.

Because we are scared.

Scared to feel too much

Scared not to feel a damn thing.

Scared of losing our freedom.

Scared of missing out on something “better”.

Scared of a million other different things that we all have difficulty to put into words.

Are we crazy for believing that this thing call LOVE still exists?

Are we crazy for desiring nothing less than someone that makes our heart sing very loud?

Are we crazy for desiring a man that would walk the extra mile for us?

“You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else. You deserve to find someone who does not ask you to lessen your roar, who is in awe of the magnitude by which your passion burns. You deserve to find someone who will only ever want to add to your fire, someone who will use their own matchstick heart to encourage your passion — to magnify your flame.” – Bianca Sparacino

Is there any chance we could all stop playing that stupid game and be mad real with each other. Say the real stuff.

What we feel (or don’t feel) in our bones.

Be fearless. Be true. Be honest.

Love hard. And stop being scared of expressing it. And see what comes out of it.

Love isn’t an equation. Love isn’t a checklist. When you fall for someone, you just do. And it’s undoubtedly the less rational thing eva, but the most intuitive. Why do we resist it so much ?

When was the last time you told someone what you really felt for them? That person that’s on your mind right now… does he/ she even know?

“Life is too short to not experience the full depth of love with people, whether it’s your family, friends or romantic partners. You know the ways in which you’re holding back right now, and if you don’t, consider that you only have one month to live. That’s it, then you’re gone; how much more loving would you be?” –David Booda

Just say it: I care about you. And I don’t want you to go just yet.

And when that will be said, then maybe we will be able to gracefully let go of the things that are not meant for us.