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Caitlin is a journalist and writer from Australia. She’s into collecting and sharing the stories of other human people. Mostly women’s stories. You can find her at @caitlincreeper

Why i’m done with beginner’s shame… and you should be too

Why do we get so weirdly embarrassed when we’re learning a new sport or skill or craft? PERSON: “Are these your paintings?” US: ‘Ya… but like, i’m JUST STARTING and I haven’t had any OFFICIAL TRAINING and this is just a HOBBY, and these paintings [...]

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Stop trying to control the uncontrollable, man.

*This is actually a journal entry from January 2016. I had just moved from Perth, Australia, to South Australia, without any clue what my next life step was. This was before I moved overseas. Before I turned writing into my full-time job. Before I learnt that [...]

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Stop running away from “bad feelings”

Running away from all the "bad feels" Ya know when sometimes you're not having a great day and you tell a loved one and they try come up with a solution for you... but that isn't really what you wanted? You just wanted someone to [...]

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I refuse to be the “chill girl.”

If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive. - Audre Lorde Also published at Elephant Journal. I refuse to be the “chill girl.” If you interrupt me I will not let it slide. [...]

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I’m sorry, but screw your ‘Perfect Partner’ checklist

All these boxes These checklists women prepare Dot-points, paragraphs and rulebooks on what their ideal partner must have Before they will even think to open their hearts, to share their lives with someone I hear this so often He’ll have his own successful company and [...]

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Delays, stress and ten-hour transits: the Salty Souls guide to surviving your long-haul flight

You know what's fun? Not long haul flights. Before we get started, let me just say I know how blatantly that comment displays an inherent privelege and feverish arrogance and I am lucky to have the agency and socioeconomic status and financial means (ish) to [...]

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Your limiting beliefs are holding you back: here’s how to push past them

It all started with some hot sauce... I went out for dinner with a friend last night, this cool little bar that specialises in hot sauces. So like, they bring out about seven hot sauces, all ranging from mild to please-for-the-love-of-god-don't-do-sexy-things-with-your-boy-after-eating-this-cause-you-will-set-their-peenie-on-fire kind of hot. Anyway, [...]

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Why you’ll probably never feel like you have your shit together

I just need to get something off my chest: Kdsuehcdjsueq,jsgcowue fojwebvjkqsbuicadchouohas iuggvuecq;;;. Gah. That wasn’t even as satisfying as I’d hoped. I’ve been waiting to do it for like three hours now. Three hours since I’ve wanted to start this article, to sit down and [...]

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Why Yoga and Margaritas is my kind of BALANCE

Balance: TF it actually mean? What do you think of when you hear the word balance? Do you do what I do, and picture the girl who wakes up and does her yoga practice religiously at the same time every day? Who then sits down [...]

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Why Smart Women Lose Themselves in Love

Image by Janneke Storm Losing yourself in love Recently a friend of mine was going through a breakup. Usually, I'm pretty good at breakups (unless, of course, they are my own, as my friends who saw me throw the entirety of my ex-boyfriends suitcase in a [...]

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It’s time to Rewrite your Story

Feature Image: Lex Weinstein HI, I'M SCARED, WHAT'S YOUR NAME ? I currently live in a small surf town and one question I'm asked a lot of is 'do you surf?' And my answer, up until recently, was always the same. Always a variation of: [...]

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We Ask Women Killing it in their Field: What Was your First Job? (Part.1)

First jobs- everyone has them, and wether we'd like to admit it or not, all first jobs tend to teach us a lesson we carry with us for life. Here we asked five women at the top of their professional game right now: what was [...]

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Creative Careers: Maybe University is Not the Way

I just finished my university degree. Just then. Like five minutes ago. How do I feel? Elated, I guess. Relieved. A maker of big rash decisions, booker of last-minute plane flights, Caitlin Creeper cut-and-run, I am proud I stuck to this one thing and saw [...]

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Becoming Real: Dream Jobs, Crazy Loves… And What Happens When the High Dies Down

At the start of this year, I got rid of three-quarters of my clothes. I quit both my jobs (one I loved and one I hated). I sold my car and my bed. I gave up my room in an apartment I loved in Perth, [...]

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Would You go to a Sober Dance Party? – Moonlight Dance –

The supermoon is out and i’m covered in sweat. We’ve been dancing for the past hour, all twenty of us women. And I mean, we’re really going for it. The ground is vibrating with the stomps of feet. We’re passionate, and it’s tangible. Limbs are [...]

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What About ‘Do Not Frickin Touch Me’ ? About Sexism when Travelling.

When you travel, space is an expensive luxury. And if you travel with a tight budget you kinda have to prepare yourself to cram like a sardine into shuttles, planes, bars and fifteen-bed hostel dorms for 10 dollars a night. Most of the time it’s [...]

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Board Porn: 10 of the most beautiful surfboards on the planet

We don't know about you guys, but in our world, most of the surfboards we own are of the dinged-up and yellowing variety. So it's nice every once in a while to escape down the rabbit hole of Board Porn: images of surfboards so beautifully [...]

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Hey Universe- Thankyou for not Giving me what I Thought I Wanted.

Feature Image: Alex Weinstein Exactly one year ago today I was an editorial intern at the largest independent women's website in Australia. And at the time it felt like the Single Most Important Goal of my Entire Life to be employed at the end of [...]

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The Power of Looking Silly (and not caring that you do)

I'm standing in a corner store in Nicaragua, trying to talk myself into buying a bottle of water from the lady behind the counter. "un botella de agua, por favor" That's all I need to say. I know it, I've rehearsed it, I've seen it [...]

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Being a Professional Surfer from Ecuador – The Harsh Reality

When you think "professional surfer" images of hotels, a wide selection of boards, surf coaches and strict diets might come to mind. But picture this: some of the most talented surfers in Latin America sleep in their board bags on the beach and split one [...]

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“Only love is real. The rest is irrelevant bullsh*t.” Renae Saxby honours brother Daniel with important message for Salty’s.

By Renae Saxby I’m stuck in a funk today… I have been since Monday. This weekend is my little brothers Memorial weekend – a big party we have in the hills with all of our legendary loved ones to celebrate his life and his vibrant [...]

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Change: It Isn’t Always Meant to Feel Good

For the last few years I have been seeking change and growth like a madman. Physical, spiritual, intellectual, geographical, emotional. Basically any kind of ‘ical’ or ‘al’ that makes me feel like I’m expanding myself, opening myself up to all the experiences the universe has [...]

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8 Days a Salty: On Body Image, Bonding, and Being a Beginner in El Salvador

A few weeks ago I hopped on a plane from Australia to take part in the first Salty Souls Experience for the season. And it is fair to say I came out a different person than I was when I went in. To try fit [...]

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How to Make the Good Stuff in Life Spin in your Favor

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” -Anaïs Nin This article is for the people who have had that voice in their head saying "there's something more out there [...]

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How to Gracefully Own Making a Public Mess of your Passion Project

Image via Pinterest   Inspiration comes to us in the craziest ways. Anyone who has ever embarked on a creative project has experienced that midnight rush that has you sitting bolt upright, throwing on the light, and reaching for a pen, or a phone [...]

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Marie-Christine on being in Ecuador During the Earthquake

Four hundred and thirteen people (at time of writing) have been killed and a further 2500 have been injured after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit coastal Ecuador around 7pm (GMT) Saturday night. Salty Souls co-founder Marie-Christine Amyot was about 160 miles from the epicentre in the town of [...]

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How to meditate if you’re bad at meditating

I'm bad at meditating. There. I said it. We know we should do it. We know it reduces stress, anxiety, promotes clearer thinking, enhances self awareness, lengthens your attention span, makes you a person that says 'namaste' a lot (optional.) If you took one look [...]

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Renae Saxby: Globe-Roamer, Photographer, Makeup Artist, Travel Writer and Renegade Badass.

Interview by Caitlin Creeper Renae Saxby used to own a day spa. She was good at it, had beautiful clients, and had a spa set on 100 acres in a major, scenic wine-growing region in New South Wales, Australia. She had a good income, and [...]

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Finding Your Tribe

 If you're here it's probably because, like us, at some stage you found yourself searching for a little somethin' somethin' more out of this life. As spiritual teacher Ram Dass explained to a crowd in San Francisco over forty years ago, sometimes this thing happens [...]

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Ninja Tricks: Travel Hacks!

Booking the flight Airlines track when you're interested in a flight, so if they see you going back to it a few times they'll keep bumping up the prices. Cause they're slippery little snakes. Beat the system and always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode to [...]

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