Meet Geraldine: body-mind therapist, specialising in massage, reiki and meditation. She was kicking it wish us in Ecuador this season just past, and now is on her way to Costa Rica, and hopes to be in Bali by the end of the year. This is her work. Sounds like the dream, right? But how did she get there? Here she tells us how to hold a vision, take risks, manifest the good stuff and release ourselves from the limits we place on ourself. 

“My first work and travel experience was as a massage therapist. In May 2016, I spent two weeks on a boat in the Turkish Islands, working and swimming in the Aegean sea. I will never forget that feeling of freedom- the wind in my hair, the colours of the sea. I was finally where I needed to be.”

“I let my intuition guide me toward a number of projects after that. I worked for various types of mindfulness, yoga and nutrition retreats in Portugal, France, Belgium and Turkey.

Back in Brussels by the end of October 2016, I felt it was time for a bigger step. To travel further (and avoid the Belgian winter while I was at it.)”

Aegean sea, Turkey / Photo via Elegant Gates


“I placed a world map on my kitchen wall and started to list all the places I always wanted to go. I was really drawn to the Salty Souls project for the empowerment, self development aspects and the positive energy that seemed to radiate from the team.

The reply came, something like “we don’t have any positions to offer, but if you are in Ecuador, we would be glad to offer your treatments to the girls at the retreat.”

I thought to myself “good enough!” rented out my apartment and booked my ticket to Ecuador.

Building my own practice was the biggest challenge I have put myself into. When I look back, I am so glad I did it, but it didn’t come without efforts.”

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“I have always been passionate about human behaviour and how our emotions affect our body and energy. I first experienced energy healing for myself after I went through thyroid cancer and a personal crisis at age twenty three. At almost thirty two, I have never stopped learning. Body mind therapy explores the bond between what we experience in our lives, the emotions we live, how our body reacts to it, and how our energy is directly affected by it. It’s the link between body, mind, emotions and spirituality.”

“If you want to succeed in something you have to believe in it one hundred per cent.”

“During a reiki session there will be time for the person to express herself on various subjects such as stress, struggle or old wounds, and reiki and massage will be used as healing and deep relaxation tools. It will help a person bring more awareness into her own body and life and understand  herself better. It allows her to be in a safe space where she is supported in her own process.”


“I tried and failed and tried again before I could use my job to travel and before I could even think of living off it. It took me years of hard work, therapy, healing, process, shamanic experiences, coaching, free-dancing, breathing, meditating and so on to get to where I am now, in a place of ease and flow. I have learned to trust my own intuition and trust life for bringing abundance, also, I have learned to get past my fears and doubt and just go for what I want.

After Ecuador I am off to Costa Rica because it is a place I have dreamt about for years. Then I head to Portugal to work on “A Lotus Seeds” mindfulness retreat. I am also a part of a new project called “wellness experience”. I will be organising nutrition, massage and yoga workshops in Belgium. At the end of the year I hope to do a 10-day Vipassana meditation. But none of this would have been in the works if I had not believed in myself.”


“If you want to succeed in something you have to believe in it one hundred per cent. Sometimes there are no promises and you just have to take the leap anyway. It will be hard, but you should never give up on the things that are important to you. There are no limits but the ones you make for yourself. You are the only person responsible for your life. If you don’t like something, you have the freedom and power to change it.”

The best version of myself is… “the most authentic one, so I try to stay true to myself as much as I can every day. I allow myself to be as I am, and really feel what’s there.”

Living consciously to me means… “being able to make my own choices and decisions. It can be about what I eat, how I spend my time, what relationships I have, how I spend my money, etc. Every decision I make and every action I take or habit I have will make an impact on myself, others and my community. Once you are aware of that, you can use it to make your own life and others better and act for good, according to your own values.”

“Once you become aware of your inner world, you slowly get to know all the beliefs that you hold, and it is important to realise those beliefs shape your whole life.”

“Once you become aware of your inner world, you slowly get to know all the beliefs that you hold, and it is important to realise those beliefs shape your whole life. It could be negative beliefs about yourself (I suck, I have no skills, I am unloveable, I am too fat…) or about the world (the world is dangerous, people are mean…). Or they could be positive beliefs (I am an amazing person, I am beautiful, I have skills, I can travel the world…). Whatever we tell ourselves, we believe it.”

Ayampe, Ecuador / Photo @TheSaltySouls


“The extraordinary thing is once we become aware of these beliefs, we can transform them! It’s a virtuous circle, the more you see greatness, the more it comes to you! It is such a powerful thing you can use to shape your life on every level.

Good vibes, for me, means having positive beliefs and therefore positive energy because then you can not help but feel grateful for whatever comes into your life.”

Interviewed by Caitlin Creeper

Geraldine is currently looking for new opportunities to work on other retreats around the world. You can contact her at