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"I believe we all have the chance to live an extraordinary life if only we follow our gut feeling and seek challenging experiences." - Cofounder of Salty Souls

6 Months of Mondays in Paradise – The Truth

Half a year living on the beautiful island of Bali. 174 days to be really precise. That’s 27 Mondays where I’ve woken up to a bright blue sky and the freedom to manage my schedule. And it’s also a big fat total of 0 days [...]

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Yoga Teacher Training in Bali ~ Experience Wrap-Up

https://soundcloud.com/easy-kirtan/jai-mata-kali-jai-mata-durge ⇪ MAXIMIZE THE EXPERIENCE, READ WHILE LISTENING TO THIS TUNE ⇪ 1 month after the end my intensive 33-day Yoga Teacher Training, it is still hard to wrap my mind around what happened during this special experience. It is hard to write about it even [...]

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Road-Tripping Solo in Australia

THE LONELY ROAD Indonesia and all its magic already felt like a simple daydream when I landed in Australia. I was on my way to meet a friend in Byron Bay and I had planed to stay there for a month. It was my second [...]

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Why Do We Really Travel? (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

On the outside, it looked like I was living the dream. But on the inside, I was falling apart. 4 months ago, in the midst of building 2 businesses, prepping my first TEDx talk, and working on countless other projects… I started to break down. [...]

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Letting Go

“Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past. Stop planning the future. Stop figuring out precisely how we feel. Stop deciding exactly what we want and just see what happens.” When I jumped on the plane to Indonesia, my first goal was to get lost [...]

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Ubud – A Sweet Surrender

Yesterday, for the first time ever since I do yoga, I felt like crying at the end of my practice. I was not sad. I was actually feeling wonderfully relieved! Truly, what I felt is harder to describe… I have to admit I was confused [...]

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I say JUMP !

This story is about being exactly where you want to be, every day of your life. A few weeks ago, I told you about my constant and haunting desire to dive into a new adventure, travel the world as if I was on a never-ending [...]

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L’Insoutenable (et Récurrente) Envie de Partir

« Partir » : le plus beau mot de la langue française. Vous savez que vous êtes prêt à l’employer. « Partons. » « Il faut partir. ». Vos bagages sont faits, et vous savez que le passé n’est qu’un amas confus posé derrière vous qu’il faut tenter d’oublier, puisque vous êtes [...]

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