Shelby Neufeld | Photographer

From Canada // Read about Shelby’s experience as a guest

What is your role in the Salty Souls Experience ? 

I am the Photographer and Facilitator in El Salvador . My goal is to capture the best moments and emotions during the experiences so that everyone can have amazing memories to look back on!

What’s your background and how did you acquire those skills ? 

I grew up in British Columbia, Canada, and have had a love for the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I am a certified Make-up Artist and began taking photos to showcase my work; then I slowly surrounded myself with more photographers in the growing creative industry in BC and developed a love for photographing the outdoors and my adventures.

What’s your biggest challenge within the Salty Souls Experience ? 

Being in a foreign country, away from my friends and family in my hometown is something I haven’t done for longer than 1 month at a time, so leaving all of my comfort and stability to be somewhere that is unfamiliar, and I am less known is a big challenge for me.

Ninja super skill people don’t know you possess ? 

I’m a chameleon, I can fit in with any group of people and adapt to my situation. I can fit in with people that love beer, or people that love working out; I can hang with the guys, or I can get fancy with the girls. I can be in the mountains loving hiking, climbing, and camping or I can be a homebody that watches Netflix all day. Whatever the mood, I’ll adjust!

Favorite place in the world ?

There’s a remote camp located on the Sunshine Coast of BC that feels like Heaven. It’s called YoungLife Malibu Club, and it is small but when you’re there, you’re closed off from the rest of the world as there is no cell service and you get to connect with people on such a personal and deep level. There’s something so magical about being in a remote place with people that you hardly know, but when you leave, you feel as though you’ve known them your entire life.

What gets you the most excited in life ? 

Getting the call “wanna go to the mountains?” YES! Everytime YES! Any outdoor adventure I get stoked about and will drop almost anything. Getting to be free and silly with my friends, and capturing the beautiful nature around me in all of its glory.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve always been the loud “crazy” girl that always dancing and always being stoked, but that’s always felt normal to who I am so I’ve never seen it as crazy. Leaving a comfortable, stable job that I love, and leaving my friends and family from my hometown to come to El Salvador and live a more “wild + free” kind of life is the craziest thing I’ve done for myself personally. I’m chasing a dream that I never knew was a dream…!