JANUARY 18 – 25, 2025

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A full week of surfing, skating and more surfing? YES GIRL. Surf is incredibly addictive, but the learning curve is steep and comes with a lot of frustrations. We know first-hand how much practice, technique, physical and mental strength it demands to FEEL the improvement! This camp is your opportunity to get direct coaching and insights from other girls who have been through the same process, and that are equally passionate (read: obsessed) about surfing! This Experience is specifically designed to equip you with the tools you need to maximize your progress, style and fun in the water. There’s nothing more powerful than a full week spent training and surfing with a hungry girl-gang! 🙂

“Surf is like the mafia… Once you’re in, you can’t get out. “ – Kelly Slater


In surf, you need to know your wave, position and timing, in a playground that is constantly changing. We take you to the best waves according to your level. You’ll be guided on land and sea to learn how to:

  • Select the right board according to conditions
  • Master your position in the line up
  • Choose better waves
  • Take-off faster
  • Generate speed
  • Execute manœuvres

You’ll have an expert by your side to optimise every session. Ratio: 1 coach per 2-3 students


Photo & video analysis: powerful and important tool in your surf progression

How it works:

  • We’ll take pictures & film your lessons
  • You and your coach will analyse it together
  • Your coach will provide feedback, tips and corrections, as well as ways to practice the manoeuvres out of the water, to get the movements into your muscle memory faster.
  • You also get to keep the footage 🙂
intermediate surf coaching


Learning the correct technique will make your surfing more consistent and satisfying. And we have the PERFECT facilities to do just that.


  • Generate speed
  • Bottom turn
  • Cut back
  • Top turn


  • Turtle roll
  • Duck-dive


“ Mindset is what separates the best from the rest.“ 

Our holistic program also enhances mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Mindset is a crucial element to optimise your performance in surf and in life. We’ll give you the tools to develop a growth mindset, and strengthen your mind to perform better on land and in the sea.

You will practice:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Visualisation
surfskate el salvador

Who is this training camp for?

I JUST WANT TO SURF !!! This experience is designed for the girls who already have the basics of surfing down, and are eager to refine their technique & style in perfect tropical waves — while never neglecting the FUN!  Our main focus is to give you the physical, technical & mental the tools to keep progressing when you’ll return to your home-break. There’s really something to be said about the power of being part of a  girlcrew who supports and cheer each other up in the line-up. What is required is a basic surf experience and a good fitness level.

Our definition of “basic surf experience”: 

  • You are a confident swimmer and are able to paddle on your surfboard.
  • You can manage your surfboard on your own without being a threat for the other surfers and yourself.
  • You understand the basics of surf etiquette.
  • You are able to catch waves by yourself without getting pushed, and successfully pop-up 3/5 of the time.
  • You are able to ride gentle unbroken waves diagonally– across the face.

SURF LEVEL: Basic Experience to Intermediate


GROUP: 10 amazing women

↠ Where ↞

About Playa El Zonte

Playa El Zonte is located on the pacific coast, 1 hour away from the International Airport. It is a laidback costal village, where you will mostly be surrounded by friendly locals, fellow surfers and sun seekers. It is a safe and pleasant area, where the invitation is to live simply, following the rhythm of the tides. The beach is divided by a river mouth and there are two main surf spots: A right point break and a beach break. One of the most unique things about playa El Zonte is the beauty of its black sand beach.

About the villa

Picture a rustic Spanish-style villa, nestled on a cliff, over looking a black sandy beach, with endless crashing waves in its backyard. Yep, the Casa Salty Souls it is, located in Playa El Zonte. It can accommodate 12 people over two pavillons, in shared occupations with air-con. There are two large oceanfront pools, a sundeck, a nice chilling area with hammocks, a direct access to the beach and enough space for yoga and family meals.

↠ When & How ↞

What’s Included?

  • 8 days/ 7 nights in a walk-to-surf villa
  • All delicious meals (aside of 3-4 at the restaurant)
  • 5 guided surf sessions 
  • Video analysis of each session
  • 3 technical lessons 
  • 2 surf-skate sessions
  • Mindset workshop
  • Recovery yoga
  • Surfboard and SurfSkate rental
  • All your surf pictures & videos
  • Airport transfers
  • 1-month unlimited access to The Salty Club

Not included: Flight ticket , Travel insurance (required), Alcoholic beverages


January 18 – 25 , 2025


Early Bird Price:  $3190 US

Regular Price: $3390 US

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