Ligia Jimenez | Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer

From El Salvador // See Ligia’s Online Classes

What is your role in the Salty Souls Experience ? 

Sharing the yoga vibe! Guiding yoga sessions where the energy will get moving after or before a day full of experiences so that we can ground and take in all the  new stuff. Going deep into the breath, into the mind, into your emotions and into release. This all happening in an epic backdrop of the ocean and its healing vibration.

What’s your background and how did you acquire those skills ? 

I majored in Graphic Design, Art Direction and Creative Advertising. I worked at advertising agencies for a while, but deep down I wanted to be out in the sun, exploring the world, and on time to my yoga class.

After acquiring my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica, I quit my job, and headed out to travel and learn more about yoga later completing my 500 HR YTT in Rishikesh India, 50 HR Rocket YTT, and attended various Ashtanga Yoga Intensives in India, Indonesia and Costa Rica. I recently studied Reiki LEVEL I and II. I now teach and freelance as a Graphic Designer, Art Director and DJ.

What’s your biggest challenge within the Salty Souls Experience ? 

You know that feeling of bliss while you are doing something you love? My challenge is to be able to transmit that through the yoga practice. Trying to share with the Salty Souls what a wonderful tool yoga is to someone who has never practiced it before and to someone who has, remind them of why they loved it in the first place.

Ninja super skill people don’t know you possess ? 

I have this thing with instruments. Since a very young age I would be fascinated to learn to play any instrument, sometimes I would learn on my own. I love to include instruments in Savasana by the way…

Favorite place in the world ?

Anywhere where I am near a body of water where I can retreat to. I love El Salvador, my home, and have always loved the ocean here. Truly the weather is perfect, there is delicious fruit all year long, and the tropical vibe is a dream. But to me home is anywhere you want to take it, but if there is an ocean lake or river nearby, the better.

What gets you the most excited in life ? 

I am an absolute art and music junky. Being outdoors rocks for inspiration and connection, but I get this spark of joy when I think of spending an afternoon alone cranking up music and painting freely! Even while traveling this is a must.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Spotting humpback whales from shore and immediately grabbing a longboard and paddle over to them, spending 30 min around them to only later realize how far away from shore I had actually paddled.