Augusto Carrara | Apnea Instructor

From Argentina // See Augusto’s classes on the Club

What is your role in the Salty Souls Experience?

I am here to offer surf-specific breathing and breath holding trainings & education, to help all Salties optimize their ocean confidence, regardless of their surfing level!

What’s your background and how did you acquire those skills?

I am a sport teacher who left the big city a long time ago pursuing a lifestyle connected to nature &, of course, the ocean. Water has always been like home to me, and I’ve enjoyed holding my breath in the bottom of any swimming pool since I’m 2 😂 .

This journey led me to discover surfing & professional freediving, and falling in love with both sports. I basically spent the last 7 years of my life perfectionning my craft and pursuing this dream: becoming the best version of myself in the ocean, both in the surface and underwater, and helping ocean lovers to reach their true potential and connect with water like they never had before.

Biggest challenge within the Salty Souls Experience?

Give my 110% to help you all go to the next level!

Ninja super skill people don’t know you possess?

Hahaha mmmm. I love hand-standing & backflipping, and will do it every time I have a chance!

Favorite place in the world?

The ocean, as long as the water is warm 😝 . I think my current favorite places are Costa Rica and Indonesia!

What gets you the most excited in life?

Adventure, seeing myself and those around me pushing out of our comfort zone, the constant search for new challenges &, of cooourse, surfing and freediving!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Freediving with one the biggest female manta rays in the world for 1hour non-stop. It truly felt like she was carrying a message for me, and we spent 1hour basically interacting with each other. A magical moment forever locked in my mind.