Photo by Tom Ganor

Wake up and sink in a little deeper. You have time. Be guiltless about it.
Sprawl out naked, touching the soft edges of your bed.
Forgot to take off yesterday’s make up? Forget to put on todays…
Let the crisp air tickle your lungs.

Don’t hold back from the people and things that make your cheeks hurt.
Disturb the public with your joyful cackle.
Lean in a little closer to the things that make your heart beat wildly.
Smile at nothing until you feel like an idiot. Then, smile even bigger!
Let your hair fall madly, entangled in love with each other.

Don’t waste your time matching socks every day.
loosen your pants and take another bite of whatever that was.
Spend sleepless nights drinking whiskey by a fire with people you just met.
Take every opportunity to walk barefoot.

Have passionate sex with a local who doesn’t speak the same language as you.
Don’t be afraid to let people become a local to your heart.
Let your contagious spirit run free and fuck those who try and build a fence around it.

“I don’t normally post selfies but..” I love this picture of me.

Love every storyline that runs along your face – but don’t stop there.
Run your fingertips along your scars and embrace the evidence of your past – Every damn one of them. The good, the bad, the ones you can’t remember, and the silly ones. Especially the silly ones. Don’t be afraid to create new ones either – adventure hard!

Cup your hips with both hands and then grab that fine ass of yours.
Explore the world at every angle and depth you can find.

Climb, swing, dive and dip your bare toes into everything, every chance you get.
Do things for the story, to entertain your eighty year old self.
Oh dear, and you must belly laugh at all the mistakes you make.
Be perfectly unjustified.

Be unapologetic
Be you!