Surf Spot Series: Las Flores, El Salvador

What’s the Surf Spot Series ?

It’s the Salty Team’s favorite surf spots 😉

This month, the spotlight is on a very playful wave located in one of our favorite countries: Las Flores, El Salvador!

The view from above // photo: Israel Barona

The first time I went to Las Flores, there was a surf contest and there were barely any waves. I remember thinking “ Why the heck are they doing a surf competition here…this wave is shitty!”


Be careful what you say, because a couple days later, it proved me that I was so, but SO wrong… I saw what Las Flores has to offer: a long (+/- 300m) right-hand, perfectly-peeling wave! The first section of the wave – which is breaking behind the point of rocks- is a fast tubular section mostly for advanced surfers. The rest of the wave is a fun long solid wall breaking over a sand bottom, which also allows beginners to have their “best-wave-ever” !

Las Flores is located on the East Coast of El Salvador, about 2 hours from San Salvador airport. This part is also called the  “Wild East” because of its impressive natural area. It is a small beach village where fishing is the main lucrative activity. You can, and should, explore around as there are lots of other breaks, especially one called Punta Mango: a juicy powerful mechanical right-hand wave, faster than Las Flores and probably the hollowest in the region (but also the most wind sensitive.)

Surf Spot type: Right point break with sand bottom


Las Flores works pretty much all year round, but mostly between March to December. Bigger swells are between May to September.


  • Mid to low tide. It tends to flatten out at high tide. 
  • When there’s a bigger swell, it works at all tides: a higher tide provides a fatter, slower wave and a lower tide means a hollow take-off and strong current.
  • When there isn’t much swell, you can also enjoy the beach break that works better from mid to high tide.


  • Beginners: 3 – 5 feet.
  • Intermediate and Advanced will love everything between head high (5-6 feet) to triple overhead (+/- 15 feet)— although at this size it must be pretty hard and intense to paddle out and wipeouts must be legendary !





The view from within the water // photo: Israel Barona

  • Las Flores is a very consistent wave working 90% of the year- 330 days.
  • It’s a machine-like kinda of wave, it peels perfectly !
  • Unless you’re taking off behind the point of rocks (where there’s the tubular section), it’s a sandy bottom- so no worries about injuring yourself in the rocks.
  • Locals are super friendly. And you rarely see more than 3 or 4 of them in the water.
  • The water is super warm, no wetsuit needed ! 😀
  • The landscape is pretty sick: it’s a palm trees paradise !
  • There’s not much to do beside surfing which means you can’t get distracted from getting your daily surfing fix. 😛
  • There are other fun and perfect breaks around. I highly recommend Punta Mango which is about 20 minutes away from Las Flores. There are also accommodation close to that break.
  • My recommendation for accommodation in Las Flores is Rancho Alicia (from 25$US to 50$US/night). You might not find it on Internet but you can use the latino way of communicating and WhatsApp them: +503 7168 9023


  • On a big swell, there’s a lot of current, especially at low tide: your arms will feel like spaghetti and you’ll surely feel the burn in your neck and shoulders. There’s a price to pay for surfing amazing waves !

  • When there’s a good swell, it can be crowded- mostly with tourists.

  • The sun is pretty strong so wear looots of sunscreen and drink tonnes of water -or coconut water since it’s a palm-tree paradise.
  • There’s not many cheap accommodation options. In a matter of fact, one of the fanciest hotel of the country is in Las Flores: Las Flores Surf Club. I also recommend Hotel Miraflores which is a bit less fancy but way more affordable.

Las Flores is definitely one of my favorite surf spots in the world and a place I go as often as I can -read here: whenever the swell times itself with our 4-day break between each El Salvador Salty retreats 😉 !

About the Author:

Surfing brings the best out of me. Mama Ocean is my gym, my life coach and my psychologist. I believe that being open-minded, caring for others, seeking challenges and never taking things too seriously is the key to a happy life! - CoFounder of the Salty Souls



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