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Developing a consistent physical training routine is like a dance for many of us; one step forward, one step back, forward, sideways, pause. Eh. I’ll try again next week. Or maybe the one after that.  Some weeks we may feel highly motivated, while some other weeks, taking the trash out might be our longest walk. With five years of surf and yoga retreats under our belts and two years offering online classes, we’ve come to realize something:  there are many women out there that really love moving, but lack direction. In order to unlock your full potential — and push yourself a little further — we believe that what you need is a weekly training program and a support crew. So here it is!

>> How do you stay motivated? We get asked a lot. Here is our answer:  “I don’t negotiate with myself.— I just stick to the plan!”


  • I need help to stay disciplined in my training.
  • I want improve my mobility, fluidity and flexibility.
  • I want to step up my cardio and build endurance.
  • I want to lose weight / feel more at ease in my body.
  • I need direction and would appreciate having a weekly plan laid out for me.
  • I’d love to be part of a rad girl crew who also loves to sweat!

>> Are you ready to commit to YOURSELF for 6 weeks? A strong willingness to be part of this is all you really need.


We don’t believe we need machines to train: WE ARE THE MACHINES! Our approach to physical training is holistic, or 360 degrees; the mind needs to be stimulated, our food needs to be clean, our soul must feel alive and we must cultivate the agility of our body!

Our program is built with a variety of workouts alternating between high intensity bodyweight trainings, outdoor runs, yoga practices and mobility drills. Our GOAL is to allow you to develop strength, endurance, fluidity, balance, flexibility, focus and coordination simultaneously resulting in incredible physical AND mental fitness.

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Every Sunday, you will receive your Weekly Training Plan. This plan features 5 movement sessions per week:

  • 1 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) from the Salty Club 
  • 1 online Yoga or Ginastica Natural video from the Salty Club
  • 2 outdoor Endurance trainings
  • 1 Live class (via Zoom) led by either Erika (Yoga or Ginastica Natural) or MC (Surf-Style training) — and where the whole crew gets to train at the same time!


You are free to do the workout when you want, ideally, on the recommended day. But at the time that suits you best. The LIVE class takes place every Saturday mornings at 10:30am EST — If you cannot make it, no worries; you will all receive the replay link!


We will all be connected through a Facebook Group where you’ll find:

  • Coach specifics on the workout
  • Your space to share your running route -or- WOD time when asked by the coach
  • All the other members holding you accountable for this quest! No skipping the workout.


Yoga mat, running shoes, a smartphone, access to the Salty Club 


The Coaches

Erika Drolet: Ginastica Natural, Yoga and Endurance

Marie-Christine Amyot: HIIT and Surf-style workouts

What’s Included?

  • Progressive Weekly Training Plan (x 6 weeks)
  • 6 Live Classes (on Zoom)
  • Facebook group access
  • Direct messaging with coach Erika and MC for any questions you might have (FR/EN)
  • Training Playlists, Podcast suggestions, motivation talk and more.

Not Included: Your monthly subscription to the Salty Club.

Program starts on: July 13th, 2020 

> Registration closes on Saturday July 11th, at the stroke of midnight! Program runs for 6 weeks: July 13th – August 23rd, 2020


$59 USD  (That’s only $1.49 per day)

You’ll need to be a member of the Salty Club for the length of the program. The subscription is not included in this price; it needs to be handled and paid separately (9.99$/month). If you aren’t yet a member, sign up here.

Got more questions? Get in touch.