Surfing: the sport of freedom? Not if you’re gay

Surfing: the sport of freedom? We often talk about how surfing is freedom, surfing is joy, surfing is an alternative lifestyle and a pure means of self expression. But many surfers still don't feel so free: surfers who happen to be gay. As the blog editor of a company that [...]

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Delays, stress and ten-hour transits: the Salty Souls guide to surviving your long-haul flight

You know what's fun? Not long haul flights. Before we get started, let me just say I know how blatantly that comment displays an inherent privelege and feverish arrogance and I am lucky to have the agency and socioeconomic status and financial means (ish) to travel internationally. I acknowledge that. [...]

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Les limites, barrières du potentiel ou dompteuses de risque ?

Photo par Morgan Maassen Soyons respectueux devant le possible dont nul ne sait la limite - Victor Hugo En lisant récemment mon dernier exemplaire de Surfer Magazine, j’en suis venue à réfléchir au concept de frontières ou plutôt au concept de limites. Bien sûr, d’un point de vue géographique, le surf [...]

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Post-Training : Raw Energy Balls

↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française Energy balls were my first contact with raw food! To me, it was a totally new concept, different and intriguing. A few years later, based on the memory of this first experience, I developed my own energy ball recipe to serve to the [...]

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Burned-out at 27: What Happens When You Fall Off the Carousel

I’ve been a Grey’s Anatomy fan since forever, way before I went to medical school. I remember watching all first three seasons in a record-breaking short amount of time and thinking I wanted to be Meredith Grey. Now, let me clear the air before I keep going. I did not [...]

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Get present with your discomfort

For all of those moments that are pure bliss, bright and shiny, full of love and laughter, there are moments that are uncomfortable. The happy moments are welcomed, content we live in the present with them and cling to them from our past. I say get present with your discomfort [...]

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Sunshine Juice : Orange, Pineapple, Turmeric, Ginger

↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française Just when I finished my Bachelor degree, MC and I made a backpack trip to Mexico. You know, the classic trip where you go around youth hostels with two pairs of shorts and three t-shirts. I do not know how exactly, but our journey took a whole different turn on our way to Mexico City. […]

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Your limiting beliefs are holding you back: here’s how to push past them

It all started with some hot sauce... I went out for dinner with a friend last night, this cool little bar that specialises in hot sauces. So like, they bring out about seven hot sauces, all ranging from mild to please-for-the-love-of-god-don't-do-sexy-things-with-your-boy-after-eating-this-cause-you-will-set-their-peenie-on-fire kind of hot. Anyway, I instantly had the thought: [...]

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Crunchy Nutty Granola (Totally Addictive!)

↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française Many photographers will tell you, it can be laborious and time consuming to personify your style as an image artist. Looking at my photos of recipes that were taken more than a year ago, I realize that my journey has been quite [...]

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Why I Skate

This time last year, I set out on a one-way ticket to El Salvador. I made rough plans to spend my summer learning how to surf and to improve my Spanish, but even rough plans don’t always follow course. I got in over my head, in a lot of very [...]

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This one is for the WILD ONES

“Some days I am more wolf than woman and I’m still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.” - Nikita Gill   Coming across this short poem has hit me, shook me, straight to the heart. How to stop apologizing for my wild…? How to stop doubting if it’s ok [...]

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Why you’ll probably never feel like you have your shit together

Photo by Ollie Reimann I just need to get something off my chest: Kdsuehcdjsueq,jsgcowue fojwebvjkqsbuicadchouohas iuggvuecq;;;. Gah. That wasn’t even as satisfying as I’d hoped. I’ve been waiting to do it for like three hours now. Three hours since I’ve wanted to start this article, to sit down and violently bash [...]

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{Poem} be unapologetically you.

Photo by Tom Ganor Wake up and sink in a little deeper. You have time. Be guiltless about it. Sprawl out naked, touching the soft edges of your bed. Forgot to take off yesterday’s make up? Forget to put on todays... Let the crisp air tickle your lungs. Don’t hold [...]

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Vegetarian Butternut Squash Tacos

↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française For me, there is nothing more convivial than a meal shared in groups with dishes placed at the center of the table; It instantly creates a dynamic of sharing and exchange. In general, girls come alone to retreats and so, the first [...]

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Surfer mon ‘Home Spot’: La Nouvelle-Angleterre

Le ciel est sombre. L’air froid me fouette le visage tandis qu’un puissant vent offshore forme des vagues lisses et bien définies. Il y a à peine cinq courageux dans l’eau. Un set se profile au loin et vient assombrir davantage l’horizon. Je suis trop à l’intérieur et je n’aurai [...]

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How to Know When it’s Time to Leave

Should I stay or should I go. I think that's a shit song from the 80's, but the title does highlight a very important question we've all had to ask ourselves at least once in our life: is it time to leave? Does this job/ relationship/ city/ project/ friendship serve [...]

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For a Brighter Future: Surf Competition for Kids of Montañita, Ecuador

I grew up in a first-world country in a family that was financially, in a word, fine. We weren't the richest, but we never starved, and I always had access to as much water as I wanted. It is insane to me now how much I took for granted that [...]

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Why I Surf…

I surf because I need a constant adrenaline rush, otherwise I get bored. I surf because I love hearing my heart beat after a nice long wave. I surf because when I face my fears, I make myself proud. I surf to feel free. I surf to find inspiration. I surf [...]

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Surf Food: Layered Overnight Oatmeal with Apple-pear Sauce

↠ Défilez vers le bas pour la version française The Saltys are not well-known for being early birds. Unfortunately for us, lots of surf spots are at their best around 6AM. Over time, we did, kind of, develop a morning routine that usually allows us to catch some good waves before [...]

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Would you Run Away from Time with Me ?

How long are you here for ? That damn question... I’ve been spinning around this globe without a fixed address for almost three years now. Where the fuck did time go? It passed. It slipped. It got gone, I guess... Have you ever noticed how in warm countries the days seem [...]

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